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Streets of Lisbon

Tiles and Other Things to Do in Lisbon

Here we catch up with the Cortiço brothers - owners of Cortiço & Netos, a tile shop in Lisbon - to find out what they love about the Portugese capital... "Tiles are the skin of Lisbon,” s...
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Visiting Turtle Island in Borneo, Malaysia

Turtle Islands are in the Sulu Sea just north of Borneo and between the Malaysian and Philippine border. There are three islands, Pulau Selingan, Pulau Bakkungan Kechil and Pulau Gulisan and between t...
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India food

9 Things I Wish I’d Known Before I Went to India

India is an incredible country – but a bewildering, daunting one too. Will you get Delhi belly?  What to wear? How much to budget? This guide will help you sort fact from fiction... The food ...
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Safari jeep in Kruger National Park

How to Safari in South Africa with 'As Seen from the Sidecar'

Matt Bishop and Reece Gilkes are two former Flight Centre Travel Experts attempting to complete the first ever circumnavigation of the glob...
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Hunter Valley, Australia

The Best Vineyards in the Hunter Valley

To say I am partial to Australian wine is an understatement. In fact, it is a complete lie. I am 100% biased towards the Aussie grape. Since packing up my Australian life over two years ago and moving...
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Matt and Reece and Table Mountain, Cape Town

Flight Centre Interview: An Epic Worldwide Charity Challenge

In October 2017, former Flight Centre Travel Experts Reece Gilkes and Matt Bishop set off on the first ever circumnavigation of the globe o...
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What to Do When Your Flight is Delayed

You prepare for weeks, nay, months, for that special day. You get up at 4am to get to the airport, after barely getting any sleep the night before, worrying whether or not you’ve packed your phone cha...
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Beijing, China

A First-Timer's Guide to Beijing

The world’s most populated capital, Beijing is as enigmatic as it is divisive. For many first-time visitors to China, the beauty of the city – which most often forms a gateway to the adventure – is of...
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Wildlife spotting on self-drive safari

Top Tips for Taking Toddlers on Safari

There is a lot to be said for seeing the raw beauty of an African safari adventure through the eyes of children, witnessing first-hand the sizes, shapes, sounds and smells of the animals they read abo...
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8 of the Best Reasons to Visit the Great Barrier Reef

Why should I visit the World Famous Great Barrier Reef? If the picture below isn't enough to inspire a visit to the Great Barrier Reef then hopefully this article will convince you that this natu...
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Plane seating generic

The Unspoken Rules of Air Travel

When it comes to flying, there are plenty of rules that you have to know. You must check-in before your flight, your baggage can’t be over a certain weight, there’s no smoking onboard and you have to ...
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Hazel in the Bahamas

6 Things Nobody Tells You About the Bahamas

It’s just beach resorts, right? Wrong! There’s much more to a Bahamas holiday than first meets the eye. Here we list the things that noone tells you about this Caribbean gem... How quiet the ...
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