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Instatraveller Tim the Tooth Ninja

Instatraveller: The Travels of One Man and His Three Dogs

Catching sight of the Northern Lights is an experience which tops many travel wish lists – but imagine watching the colours dance across the sky with your pet pooches in tow? That’s the reality for th...
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Campervanning in Western Australia

Perth is one of the most remote cities in the world. But it’s never been easier to travel there, with the first direct link between London and Perth launching earlier this year. The city is also the g...
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Common dolphins

The Best Places in the World to See Wild Dolphins

Everyone loves dolphins. Their friendly smiles and playful nature fast-tracks them right to the top of many a must-see wildlife bucket list, with dolphin-watching tours becoming an increasingly popula...
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Quebec City, Canada

The Guide to Quebec: A Tale of Two Cities

If you ever need proof that daring to be different works, just head to Quebec. Canada’s French-speaking province has the same laid-back, unruffled temperament as the rest of the country, but at the sa...
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Fairmont San Francisco Hotel, San Francisco

The Best Hotel Room Views in the World

There’s nothing better than waking up on your holidays, a day of excitement ahead, opening the curtains and feasting your eyes on a glorious view of your surroundings. Whether it’s the crashing waves,...
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Sydney Harbour at sunset

8 Tips for Flying to Australia

Whether for a holiday of a lifetime, or visiting friends and family, flights to Australia aren’t as simple as booking a trip to Europe. There’s a lot more to consider and prepare for in order to ensur...
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Petra by night, Ross Jennings

5 Top Things to Do in Jordan

A heady hodgepodge of ancient sites, vast desert and holy heritage, Jordan is one of the most significant countries in the Middle East. Add it to your travel list right now and, when you go, be sure t...
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Fresh oyster

The Best Foods to Eat in Costa Rica

As a self-confessed foodie, cuisine plays a key role when it comes to planning my trips. I’ll heavily research a destination’s typical food, the best restaurants, what the locals love, and the cocktai...
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Moreton Bay Bugs, Australia

Australia’s Food & Wine Highlights

Australians take their food and drink very seriously so prepare yourself for a journey into excellent cuisine. Some of the world’s finest restaurants are found in Australia’s cities. With swaths of th...
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Hardy Reef, Australia

Experience the Great Barrier Reef from the Air

It’s difficult to imagine wanting to leave Hamilton Island in the heart of Queensland's Whitsundays, but after a few days here, I just couldn’t wait to get back to the airport. As boarding proced...
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The Most Beautiful Places in Western Australia

We never thought we’d be jealous of an Australian albatross, but dammit – those big birds get some amazing views. With sweeping white sands, jungly tangles, technicolour corals and sea water that look...
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Kangaroo Island

Where to Find Wildlife and Nature in Australia

Nothing beats the exhilarating feeling you get when you spot wild animals in their natural habitat. It can make for an unforgettable holiday experience. Much of Australia’s wildlife can be found acros...
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