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The Best Mayan Ruins In Mexico

For thousands of years, the Mayans carved civilizations out of the dense jungles of Central America, building elaborate cities that could rival anywhere in the world. But the Mayans were doomed to col...
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Mont Saint-Michel

13 of the Best UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Europe

UNESCO World Heritage sites are special things. Inscribed to the respected list for their outstanding cultural, historical or natural signifcance, they represent some of the most beloved landmarks on ...
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Cockatoo on the balcony Reef View Hotel Nadia Williams

4 Animal Encounters on Hamilton Island, Queensland

One of the most amazing things about Queensland's Hamilton Island is its wondrous array of wildlife (for the nature lovers among you, this is definitely the place to get your David Attenborough o...
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The Best Ways to See New York City

I’m not ashamed to admit that I heart New York – I’ve even got one of those tacky mugs and innumerable NYC-themed shot glasses to prove it. This is surprising, because anyone who knows me well will kn...
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Knox Gorge Karijini National Park

The Gorges of Karijini National Park

Karijini National Park is one of Australia’s best kept secrets, a raw, isolated and untouched world of red rocks, spectacular gorges and natural swimming pools. Found in the heart of the remote Pilbar...
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India food

9 Things I Wish I’d Known Before I Went to India

India is an incredible country – but a bewildering, daunting one too. Will you get Delhi belly?  What to wear? How much to budget? This guide will help you sort fact from fiction... The food ...
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Empanadas for lunch Carlie Mesquitta

Vamos a los vineyards! A guide to Cafayate, Argentina’s Second Wine Region

It’s no secret that Argentina is a major player in the world of wine production. Its most famous wine-growing region, Mendoz...
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Changdeokgung Palace Seoul Korea

10 Things to Do in Seoul

Seoul doesn’t have reputation just yet as a must-travel spot, but once you’ve visited you’ll be singing this underrated city’s praises to anyone who’ll listen. Just like me, after I booked a trip to J...
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Monument Valley panorama Phil Murray

Yá’át’ééh: Say "Hello" to Navajo Nation’s Monument Valley

Too many years ago to mention, I watched the classic John Wayne film Stagecoach as part of my A-level studies. Directed by John Ford,...
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Turtle with plastic bag

How to Reduce your Plastic Use when Travelling

Plastic is everywhere at the moment, from your cellophane-wrapped lunchtime sandwich to your single-use drinks bottle. And now it’s all over the news as well. Plastic may be convenient, but it’s destr...
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Man made beach in Brisbane

How To Spend 48 Hours In Brisbane

When planning a trip to Australia’s East Coast, Brisbane tends to be cast to the role of the oft-forgotten, somewhat ugly step sister, devoid of things to do and lacking in landmarks like the Sydney O...
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9 Things to Do in Houston, Texas

When you talk Texas, better-known destinations like Dallas, Fort Worth and Austin will no doubt spring to mind before Houston does. Even I admit that, before I went, aside from NASA’s Mission Control,...
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