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The Ultimate Italian Road Trip

I could easily spend months travelling around Italy, exploring small towns, lying on the beautiful beaches, hiking the mountains and of course, eating all of that delicious food! It’s the perfect coun...
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View from the summit of Bluff Knoll Richard Collett

The Best National Parks in Western Australia

Western Australia is the largest state by land area in the country, with an extensive coastline and vast landscapes to explore. It’s arguably the most diverse region in Australia, and every different ...
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How to See Tigers in India

If you’ve managed to catch the recent Jungle Book movie, you’ve probably already fantasised about visiting the jungles of India and spying a tiger in the wild. Well, as someone who has actually experi...
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Whale shark, Ningaloo Reef

Swimming with Whale Sharks in Western Australia

Whale sharks have been on the bucket list since day dot. In a world of amazing places to go, there are few where the experience accelerates the destination to the top of the list. But that’s certainly...
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Big Sur, California

Hoppy Days: A California Craft Beer Road Trip

“The whole modern-day craft beer movement kicked off in California, with breweries like San Francisco’s Anchor and Sierra Nevada in Chico leading the charge. This history, and the fact that the state ...
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Insider Secrets: Life as a Tour Guide in Vietnam

It’s not every day that you get to attend a Vietnamese cooking class, hitch a ride on a sea plane above Ha Long Bay and take a luxury cruise down the Mekong Delta. Unless you work for Buffalo Tours th...
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7 Reasons to Get off Your Caribbean Sunlounger

It’s time to budge from the beach! There’s more to the Caribbean than swimming pools and white sands, and those who dare to embrace some soft adventure will be rewarded… RS-1-Grenada-flickr-id...
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Chef Vivian, Alila Seminyak, Bali

An Interview with the Chef de Cuisine at Alila Seminyak, Bali

Imagine cooking and eating for a living – especially at one of the most amazing resorts in Bali. Allow us to introduce Vivian Vitalis, the ...
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The Best Foods I Ate in the USA

I’ve been a bit spoilt with my USA travels this year. In fact, I’ve spent nearly a month over the pond in total, explored five states, six cities and three national parks, while also making a little f...
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Capri, Bay of Naples, Italy

Exploring the Islands of the Bay of Naples, Italy

Slung like multi-coloured pebbles floating in an azure bath, the islands that sprinkle the Bay of Naples are not to be missed. With pastel-hued buildings, lush volcanic lands, glittering grottoes and ...
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Tess the chef

Why You Should Take a Cooking Class in Bali

I love food. I mean, I really love it. Anyone who knows me will vouch for the fact that I’m at my happiest when tucking into a delicious plate of lobster ravioli, a bowl of steaming ramen or fish so f...
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Golden Gate Bridge in the fog, California

An Expert's Guide to California

Flight Centre’s California Expert Rachel Newton has worked at Flight Centre for four years and has been to California five times. She says: ”Anything you want in a holiday, you can find in California:...
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