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The Antipodean's Guide to Auckland

Who better to describe the highlights of Auckland than a resident themself? Over to Andrew Allen, otherwise known as The Antipodean. My home town is a wonderful city. I'm lucky to come from a cou...
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Restaurant overlooking in Queenstown

The Kiwi Experience Experience!

  I clearly remember stepping foot on the big green bus in Auckland and thinking, “O no, I am going to be stuck on a coach with these strange people for the next three weeks.” By the time I stepped of...
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My Epic Thailand Holiday - report from a Trav Tweet Up Winner

  Back in June Nicola Hughes followed our first twitter event, Trav Tweet Up, online from her home in Manchester. Her comedy tweet pic , sh...
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The Most Impressive Rooftop Bars in Asia

  This week we are swapping International Eats for an International drinks theme and where better to enjoy a tipple than in a rooftop bar overlooking your favourite Asian city! We asked frequent busin...
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True North: 5 Can't-Miss Destinations on New Zealand's North Island

  Although the attractions of New Zealand's South Island may be more well known than those of the North, guest blogger Candace R...
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Must see in NYC

  Stepping onto Manhattan Island is like walking into a movie scene. Surrounded by iconic buildings and gazing at that famous cinematic skyline it's hard not to break out into a song and dance. E...
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Tips for surviving long haul flights

  We first met Flight Centre consultant Miles Buckeridge when he shared his humorous first experience of Oz. In this post we ask him to share his tips on surviving long haul flights. If you’re in for ...
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Ladies Night: Review of the Portal Hotel, Brisbane

  During a recent stay at the Portal Hotel in Brisbane I was impressed by their novel idea of a ladies only floor and fell in love with their breakfast. In addition to this the Portal Hotel has a grea...
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Secret gems on the Great Ocean Road

  After Flight Centre consultant Holly Keeble and friends had finished exploring South East Asia the next part of their Round the World trip involved discovering Australia. On the advice of travellers...
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A jewel in The Old Town - review of Al Manzil Hotel, Dubai

  Dubai is a place that doesn't deal in half measures; tall buildings, huge malls and big brand named hotels. If you are looking for a hotel that is big on service however, guest blogger Justin M...
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Timelapse video - Dubai

  We previously admired the timelapse video skills of Philip Bloom when we discovered his work of past Flash Sale destination Las Vegas. We were thrilled to discover that he has also spent some time f...
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First time in Australia

  Flight Centre consultant Miles Buckeridge wittily shares with us his first experience of Australia and explains why he can't wait to go back! You know when you look at the glossy tantalising ph...
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