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Announcing: the World’s Worst Mobile Photographer

There’s no denying that the quality of mobile cameras is making travel snapping simpler. Unfortunately, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the quality of travel photographers is following suit. That is, if the mobile entries into our World’s Worst Travel Photographer competition are anything to go by.

You snapped everything from animals to icons and locals with your mobiles while on the road. But the usual laws of photography (lighting, focus, composition) were blatantly ignored.

The result was a mishmash of cropped heads, fuzzy city scenes and some seriously questionable choices of subject.

But whether you’re capturing your travels with a bulky SLR or a pocket-size phone, the rules of photography still apply, as our resident judge, Kirsten Alana will attest to. Mobile photography artist Kirsten faced the mammoth task of determining a mobile winner from among your crapsnaps. And we can assure you, it was no easy feat.

And so, here are the top mobile crapsnaps, as voted by Kirsten...

With recognition for her astounding achievement in crapsnapping, Saumya Singh is awarded second runner up with this shot taken at Anjuna Beach in Goa, India:

Saumya says:

In the beautiful setting, what I was trying to capture was the incoming waves crashing on my feet. What I expected was a contrasting image of my vibrantly coloured nails and flip flops with the scenic background of blue water.

Kirsten says:

Though I have been guilty of it myself in the past, travel photographs of feet are boring and a little bit disgusting. However, I like that the photographer was trying to think about colour and that there was an attempt to capture movement with the water. All goals remain unmet with this image. From now on, stick to travel photographs without feet and you'll probably avoid having too many 'crap snaps'.

With his profound ability to break almost every photography law in a single shot is our first runner up, Pete Higgins, with this snap taken in Vegas:

Kirsten says:

I can only guess that with this image the photographer used a flash against a glass window? Don't ever do that. It's good that the photographer was attempting to capture the skyline of Las Vegas since that is something that is so iconic about the city. However, next time, don't do it looking out a window, aim for a more creative perspective and don't use your flash while trying to do so!

And the WINNER of the coveted accolade of worst mobile photographer is... Fiona Reay with her – erm – creative approach to capturing one of Berlin’s most famous icons:

Fiona says:

This is meant to be the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin … Enjoy looking for it amongst the road works!

Kirsten Alana says:

I am a very big fan of trying to photograph landmarks in alternate, unexpected ways but this is simply not successful! I like what the photographer was endeavouring to do, unfortunately they failed spectacularly and this ends up truly being a 'crap snap'.

Congratulations, Fiona, you win a £200 Flight Centre travel voucher and a photography course hosted by Observer/Hodge Award-winning photographer Anthony Cullen. We suspect many of the tips you’ll learn could be applied to your mobile snaps too!

Stay tuned – we’ll be announcing the World’s Worst Travel Photographer (of the non-mobile variety) later today!

Written by Lauren Rayner

A former Flight Centre UK writer, Lauren Rayner loves to travel! Follow her on Twitter here.

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