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Where to Find Wildlife and Nature in Australia

Nothing beats the exhilarating feeling you get when you spot wild animals in their natural habitat. It can make for an unforgettable holiday experience. Much of Australia’s wildlife can be found across the country but here are some of our favourite spots:

Kakadu National Park

Kakadu is bursting with wildlife, including incredible bird-watching opportunities. It’s also our top recommendation for spotting saltwater crocodiles in the wild, especially during dry season (April to October).

Great Barrier Reef

The world’s most famous reef needs no introduction. Excellent snorkelling and diving is available along the Queensland coast but to get the best experience (and see larger marine life) we recommend you visit the outer reef.

Phillip Island

At the end of each day at sunset a troop of little penguins waddle up the beach to their sand dune homes on Phillip Island. Known as the penguin parade, Flight Centre can book your tickets for a front seat view.

Fraser Island

The world’s largest sand island, Fraser Island is a natural haven. As you drive along the 75 Mile Beach, it’s not unusual to see dingoes taking a stroll (the purest strain remaining in eastern Australia). Plus you can often spot whales from the island’s sandy shores.

Maria Island

This national park is located off Tasmania’s east coast and it’s one of the top bird-watching spots in the state. You’re also very likely to see wombats, wallabies and, if you are very lucky, a Tasmanian devil.

Ningaloo Reef

From March to August, you can dive with the largest fish in the ocean here. Ningaloo Marine Park is famous for its congregations of whale sharks but it’s also home to over 500 species of fish and more than 250 coral types.

Rottnest Island

A contender for Australia’s cutest critter, quokkas are curious marsupials found almost exclusively on Rottnest Island. The island’s name comes from a Dutch explorer who mistook quokkas for rats – literally “rats’ nest”.

Otway Coast

The Otway Coast is one of the best places to see koalas in the wild. You’ll pass through this region as you drive the Great Ocean Road route so make sure you take some time to stop and look up in the trees.

Atherton Tablelands

It is tough to see a platypus in the wild as they are very shy but the Australian Platypus Park on Tarzali Lakes boasts a thriving wild population where you can view from a respectful distance.

Kangaroo Island

Wildlife fans will love this place! Sea lions bask on the sandy beaches, kangaroos and wallabies bound about, koalas doze in the eucalyptus trees – and that’s just for starters. Brushtail possums, southern brown bandicoots and short-beaked echidnas are all native here too.

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