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11 Reasons Why You Should go to the Gold Coast for the Commonwealth Games 2018

So the dust has just about settled and the 2014 Commonwealth Games have come to a close. Like the Olympics, the Commonwealth Games have been revered as showcasing the world's best sporting talent and Scotland can be extremely proud of the effort that went into ensuring that when the spotlight shone, they rose to the occasion.

There was some controversy though, athletics golden boy, Usain Bolt, supposedly making a condescending comment about the stature of the games in world sport. But there is definitely a real sense of pride coming back into athletics. The competitions continue to diversify and the competitors become more like icons that we may have previously associated with more seasonal sports.

Even more great news - the next Commonwealth Games are going to be held on the Gold Coast in beautiful Australia! If you have never been before, love a combination of beautiful weather and athletic competition or want to experience some of the most scenic beaches in the Southern Hemisphere, then read ahead. These are 11 reasons why the Gold Coast will be the place to be in April 2018:

1) Australia is, pretty awesome...

It's a pain to say it as a proud 'pom' but Australia is pretty amazing. 10,685 beaches, average summer temperatures of 30 degrees, beautiful metropolitan cities and friendly locals all make Australia a fantastic place to visit. The Sydney Olympic games in 2000 won international recognition as being the friendliest and safest. Something Australians can be immensely proud of and certainly lending itself to the fact that 2018 will be amazing.

2) The weather

The average temperature in the UK for April (when the games will run) is about 13 degrees centigrade. The average for the same period on the Gold Coast, Queensland, is about 25 degrees centigrade. 25 degrees is pretty much the perfect summer temperature (in my opinion), therefore making it an ideal time to be in Australia.

3) The beaches

If you're a surfer, then you've probably been already. If you want to learn to surf then there are fewer better places (though don't let them name Surfers Paradise fool you - the city is much more renowned for its nightlife than its waves) and if you don't surf then relaxing on one of the many Gold Coast beaches is a joy in itself.

4) Water parks

If you're idea of a good time is flying down watery tubes in the sunshine then one of the Gold Coast's water parks will be for you. There are plenty of options but the main parks are WhiteWater World and Wet 'n' Wild - Gold Coast.

5) Wildlife sanctuaries

Australia has some of the most unique wildlife in the world, so any Queensland visit should include a trip to a wildlife sanctuary on the itinerary. Saltwater Crocodiles, Dingos, Koala Bears and Kangaroos all await at the Wildlife Currumbin Sanctuary which is one the most popular on the Gold Coast.

6) Tambourine Mountain

Only an hour from the Gold Coast (and in Australia, those are definitely short travelling times!), Tamborine Mountain is a lush region of tropical rain-forest, colourful birds and waterfalls that are a highly recommended experience when visiting the area.

7) Theme parks

If you're after something a little bit drier and less slippery than a water park, then you should pay a visit to Warner Brothers - Movie World. Thrilling rides and your favourite cartoon characters in full costume make this theme park an awesome day out on the Gold Coast.

8) Spa & retreat

Well, after all those activities your going to be entitled to some relaxation and the Q1 spa at the tallest building on the Gold Coast offers that. Queensland no. 1 tower stands at 322m tall making it the tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere. The spa offers a plethora of treatments to suit most visitors and the building also hosts a number of restaurants and accommodation facilities too.

9) Australian hospitality...

Relatively, it hasn't been that long since we gave paradise away to the Australians and whilst some of them might think we harbour a grudge with regards to this momentary lapse in concentration, most of them are sympathetic to our cause. In all seriousness, Australians are very friendly to all nations, but in particular to the English, quite simply because...

10) ...The Aussies love 'Poms'

They can deny it all they want, but our similarities are quite obvious. The only real difference being our accents. Theirs is born out of constant exposure to sunshine, beaches and beautiful oceans whereas ours is born from grey skies, rain and the incessant requirement to begin every conversation with an apology.

But the main reason to go to the Commonwealth Games 2018...

11) We might actually beat the Aussies in their own back yard!

We have just ended Australia's dominance of the Commonwealth Games (they had won it every year for the last 6 years prior to Glasgow 2014) and with that we bring a new era of optimism that we can definitely give the Aussies a run for their money in their own back yard. The spirit of sporting competition between England and Australia is reason enough to make the journey. Typically encompassed in Cricket and Rugby but celebrated whenever these two nations meet!

There you have it. If you love the Gold Coast or just really want to go then feel free to comment or ask questions in the comments below.

Written by Anthony Lavall

Anthony contributes news and blog stories from around the world. He loves travel, especially visiting new places and experiencing new cultures.

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