What's on your Travel Wish List for 2012? Part 2

10 Jan 2012


Last week we shared what some of our favourite travel consultants and guest bloggers told us were on their travel wish lists for 2012. The answers were so inspiring and varied. The great responses continued to flow in so in this follow up post we share what the rest of our travel loving friends will be up to in 2012.

In 2012 Tom will be following his stomach:

Travel Blogger Tom Jacobs




"Its no secret that Thai food is my favourite cuisine. Unfortunately I end up running to a take away or restaurant at least once a week to get my fix as my cooking skills just don't match up to the great flavours other chefs can create! This year my absolute number one priority whilst travelling is to attend a Thai Cooking School and learn how to make the dishes myself.........yum yum yum."








Photographer, blogger and surfer Chris Stevens has HUGE plans for 2012:

"It's not as much where I want to go but where I AM going - my 2012 is not about planning, it's about actually embarking on an epic Round the World Trip! I'm currently relaxing on the beaches of Ecuador before heading into Peru, then after a quick UK pitstop its onto Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Where am I most excited about going? To be honest I'm just stoked to be back on the road! I'm looking forward to partying with my little bro on the Thai islands for my birthday though!"

Chris Stevens - photographer, blogger and surfer

Flight Centre's Sam Willan got to explore a side of Canada not usually seen by tourists last year and Canada turns up on his wish list again for 2012.

"My 3 travel wishes for 2012 are:

  1. See the sunrise from the top of mount Kilimanjaro
  2. Ski powder in the Canadian Rockies
  3. Spot the big five in the Serengeti"

What is on your Travel Wish List for 2012? Share in the comments section below - you never know, it might turn up in our next Flash Sale!