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What to Take on a Flight to Australia

Sydney, Australia

I have lived on the other side of the world (in the UK) for over three years now and during that time I have had to go home to Australia for a number of different reasons. From weddings to babies and the odd visa, each flight has been different and unique. Whilst I enjoy flying, I have never once enjoyed the extensive 24-hour journey from London to Sydney (I don’t think there are many people that do enjoy it).

However, having done it a number of times now, I have come up with some key items that will make your trip all the more relaxing and enjoyable. Here are my top 7 must-haves when travelling the Kangaroo Route:

Sydney views

Sydney views

A Comfy Hoodie/Sweatshirt

Whilst this may sound a little bit gym and a lot less glam, a comfortable hoodie is the best possible addition you can take on the plane with you (even if it is the middle of summer in Australia). The comfort of the hoodie is that it provides safety from the intense air conditioning that is blasted out of the vents to keep the plane at a cool 12 degrees. The benefit of wearing one with a hood is that you can pull it over your eyes when the lights come on at the unreasonable time of 2:00am and wake you from your sleep.

Unscented Wet Wipes

As weird as this one is to say, I don’t think you can bypass this necessity. Whether its to wipe your face down in the bathroom of the plane/airport, clean your hands after the meal or just to add some moisture back into your skin after sitting in the cabin for that long, wet wipes can be used by all and at all times. Bonus points for getting ones that are biodegradable.

Passenger flying

Passenger flying

Your Favourite *insert country here* Snack

I love to snack but more than that; I love to snack on the foods I love! For those of you who have never travelled to Australia, lets just get a couple of ground rules down; no snack foods, even if they are the same name/branding as those elsewhere in the world taste the same. As an example, Pringles in Australia taste different to the ones in the UK. The packaging is also smaller in Australia (to the point you cant even fit your hand inside the tube). Cadbury chocolate also has a different taste in the UK compared to Australia.

Long story short, if you have a preferred snack and are worried that you wont be able to get it in Australia, stock up before you leave. And just remember, this will leave space for you to take some traditional Australian snacks back to the UK (think Shapes, Cherry Ripes and Tim Tams).

A Reusable Water Bottle/Thermos

This is an interesting one and is usually the one most forgotten when you are thinking about everything that needs to be packed when heading on holidays. Not only are these great for the environment and decreases the use of single use plastics, it will ensure you are able to get your daily water intake even when you are on a plane for 24 hours. Also, if you wait until after food and drink service (once the cabin lights have been lowered), the cabin staff will generally fill up your bottle for you, rather than only getting a single plastic cup at a time.

Flying to Australia

Flying to Australia

Take Your Tea Bag/Milk Sachet Preference

Chances are, on a long-haul flight, the tea is not going to be the quality or brand you usually drink at home. Most flights come equipped with black tea of some description but if you are a herbal tea or soy milk drinker (that’s me) you will generally have to go through this withdrawal for a very long time.

Buy these before your flight (remember to put any liquid milk alternatives in your liquids bag before going through security) and when you are on your flight you just need to ask the cabin crew for a cup of hot water. Simple, yet effective.


Since you’ll be travelling for close to 24 hours, if not longer, you’d be wise to ensure any regular medication you’re using is popped into your hand luggage so you aren’t caught short during your travels. Save on space by taking them out of their box packaging, just be sure to use a pill box or keep them in the foil casing so you know which is which.

Passengers Relaxing

Passengers Relaxing

Eye Mask and Ear Plugs

You’ll no doubt be planning to get some sleep at some point during the flight, and these handy little essentials will help you do so. Some airlines provide them in a little vanity/amenities kit, and if you’re flying Business or First Class you’ll certainly get some, but if not, it pays to be prepared. Block out those unwelcome bright lights or screaming babies with an eye mask and ear plugs and you’ll have a much better chance of getting some rest, arriving feeling refreshed.

So there you have it, your essential guide on what to pack for a flight to Australia. Discover more flying tips and tricks here.

Written by Elyse Langenegger

An Aussie abroad, Elyse moved to London 14 months ago and hasn’t looked back. Raised on the beaches of Australia’s New South Wales coast, she is always the first to explore new places - as long as camping isn’t involved. She is an avid runner and her passion for the beach is matched only by that of her love for peanut butter.

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