What Can £10 Get You Around the World?

December 7, 2015 by Alexandra Gregg

Snorkelling in Deadman's Reef, Bahamas, can cost you less than £10!

Snorkelling in Deadman’s Reef, Bahamas, can cost you less than £10!

Travel doesn’t have to cost the world – especially when you’re in-destination. In fact, even with just a tenner in your back-pocket (or whatever the currency equivalent is in your holiday location of choice), you can still have a great experience.

Enter this useful infographic, which shows you how to stretch your £10 across the globe, regardless of whether you’re in Australasia, Southeast Asia, the Caribbean, Africa or the USA. Who said you can’t do long-haul on a budget?

What does £10 get you around the world?

*Please credit Flight Centre UK when reproducing this graphic*

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