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Viva Las Vegas: A Photo Essay

Guest blogger Greg Dillon previously shared with us his favourite places to dine in NYC. After a recent trip to Vegas he shares with us his holiday snaps and makes us realise there is more to Vegas than the Strip.

Just so you know… this is how I roll when on tour. Never miss a moment, always watching, always learning, always hunting for that ‘perfect picture’.

Hoover Dam: I was not prepared for the sheer scale of not only size but engineering advances that brought this extremely ambitious, and rather crucial, project to life.

Endless food: I read somewhere there was around half a mile of buffet options in the MGM Grand… it didn't help me walk off this epic breakfast though!

Grand Canyon: In a word: WOW. I visited the same day President Obama was in the area so things were a little mental but despite the 13-hour round trip from the Strip, this was simply awe-inspiring and very hard to put into words.

The famous Strip: Vegas is a very unusual place, frequented by locals, tourists and weirdos as far as I could tell! I also heard that it is that it is one of the safest places in the US as 30% of the people you see are undercover cops - not sure how true it is though!

New School Casinos: Vast, flash and in your face, Vegas is one massive show that we are all invited to. The newer casinos are really lavish and look after your every need at any time of the day – perfect!

Old School Casinos: The 'old school' casinos downtown are really worth the visit, they are not far from the lavishness of the Strip but are full of character. Here you will find the original casinos the Rat Pack frequented, the lower priced tables and the local punters who play unintelligible games of craps whilst you watch in awe.

Showgirls: not much of a comment needed but for a buck you can have a photo with a real life showgirl. Yep.

Route 66: The age old highway stretching from sea to shining sea… some of the finest examples of weak marketing affiliation here but well worth checking out on the way back from the Hoover Dam.

Obligatory sunset over the desert shot: to end the trip and this photo essay.

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