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A View From Above: Queensland's Heart Reef

Take to the skies with Flight Centre's Phil Murray for a bird's-eye view of beautiful Heart Reef...

Hamilton Island

Just a short flight from mainland Queensland, Hamilton Island has accommodation and restaurant options for all budgets, relaxing beaches, every water sport you can think of, excellent hiking trails and a world-class golf course on Dent Island. It’s hard to imagine ever wanting to leave.

Whitehaven Beach

Yet, after just a few days, I couldn’t wait to get off the island. As boarding got underway, I was beaming from ear to ear. We were, I should explain, setting off on a flight-seeing tour over the Great Barrier Reef. As a way of seeing Earth’s largest living organism, few experiences can compete, not least because you also take in Whitehaven Beach, where the swirling sands and aqua waters of Hill Inlet create a spectacular, abstract canvas from above.

Heart Reef

Pushing on across the Coral Sea, the world became overwhelmingly blue. Pristine waters merged with the heavens, making the horizon barely distinguishable. On reaching Hardy Reef, strand upon strand of coral extended north and south as far as the eye could see. Then the star of the show was upon us – Heart Reef. 

Scenic views

As we circled above this charmingly shaped reef, the sheltered waters became mirror-like: coral and reflected clouds appeared side by side beneath us, resulting in an eye-watering spectacle that I couldn’t quite get my head around. I literally couldn’t believe my eyes. Both bewildering and totally bewitching, it was a euphoric feeling that would stay with me long after we landed – with pleasure – back on Hamilton Island.  

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Written by Phil Murray

With parents in the travel industry, I was pretty much born with one of those take-off sweets in my mouth. I’m very fortunate to be close to clocking up my 50th country - not that I’ll slow down after that. No matter how many places I visit, I don’t think the excitement that comes with boarding a plane will ever wear off. Flying, for me, is one of the most extraordinary things we get to do as human beings and I’ll always be first in line for that window seat!

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