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Elephants at watering hole

The Ethical Way to Interact with Elephants on Holiday

Elephants are often a huge part of Asian and African culture and interacting with these stunning animals is an opportunity that few people are willing to miss out on. However, over the years, many pop...
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Family on a tuk-tuk in Asia

How to Make the Most of Your Family Adventure Holiday

You don’t have to book one of our inclusive Journey or Escape holidays to make the most of our knowledge. To ensure your trip is extra special, our Travel Experts can book some of the world’s best fam...
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Yoga retreat, lake setting

7 Things to Know Before You Go to a Yoga Retreat

Attending a yoga retreat for the first time can be extremely rewarding, life-changing even, but if you have never experienced a yoga holiday, it helps to know what to expect prior to departing. This w...
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What to Do When Your Flight is Delayed

You prepare for weeks, nay, months, for that special day. You get up at 4am to get to the airport, after barely getting any sleep the night before, worrying whether or not you’ve packed your phone cha...
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6 of the Best Wildlife Experiences on the Planet

We don’t call ourselves Travel Experts for nothing at Flight Centre! Our teams have travelled – and continue to travel – all over the world, experiencing different cultures, cuisines and landscapes. A...
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A Guide to Visiting Phillip Island

Less than two hours from Melbourne, Phillip Island is the perfect destination for wildlife and wilderness lovers. Think waddling little penguins, koalas sleeping in the trees and vast, undulating land...
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How to Travel Responsibly

These days, eco-savvy travellers are becoming more and more concerned about the impact their travels have on our planet. Holidaymakers like you want to help look after their travel destinations, prese...
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Campervanning in Western Australia

Perth is one of the most remote cities in the world. But it’s never been easier to travel there, with the first direct link between London and Perth launching earlier this year. The city is also the g...
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Hello in many languages

Why You Should Learn the Local Language when Travelling

Parlez-vous anglais? Hablas inglés? Sprechen Sie Englisch? No doubt you’ve learned at least one of these phrases before embarking on a trip abroad. But did you learn any others?While we travel to see ...
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Discover Queensland’s Great Beach Drive

With a sprawling coastline, well connected highway and plenty of icons to see, the Australian state of Queensland is made for driving. But where to begin when planning an all out epic road trip? Here ...
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Bread and wine in New Zealand

A Beginner's Guide to the World's Best Wines

The world of wine can be an overwhelming one, but you don't need to be a connoisseur to appreciate the different varietals on a wine-tasting holiday. In fact, that's what vineyard tours are ...
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8 Alternative Romantic Spots around the World

When it comes to romance and travel, the big hitters like New York City, Paris and Venice get a lot of attention, especially for anniversaries, special birthdays and Valentine’s Day. And while they’re...
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