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Travel oddities: Sign Post Forest, Canada

We’ve all seen pictures of those sign posts pointing out the distances to far-flung destinations around the globe – but there’s one place in Yukon, Canada that has taken this travel tradition to the extreme.

Sign Post Forest, Watson Lake, is one of the most famous landmarks along the Alaska Highway. There are said to be more than 75,000 signs in the ‘forest’, with travellers continually adding more as they pass through.

The forest began in 1942 when a homesick US Army GI erected a sign pointing to his hometown – the tradition caught on and now almost 4,000 signs are added each year.

Copycat forests have sprung up across the globe, but Sign Post Forest remains the number one attraction in Watson Lake. (The Northern Lights Center is an impressive close second, recreating the spectacular displays of northern lights that Yukon sees in winter months.)

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Written by Lauren Rayner

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