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Travel Essentials for a Comfortable ‘Flights’ Sleep

Our guest blogger today is Gwennie Taylor, a travel and lifestyle blogger from Eat Travel Love. She's currently travelling around the USA, Central and South America so we asked her to share her flying tips and advice on how to get some shut-eye on flights.

You wait all year round for it and then, like an overly excited child on Christmas morning, you wake up with a suitcase bursting at the seams. After collecting your passport(s), tickets and money your taxi arrives and when getting in you enthusiastically say “airport please”, as the time has finally arrived for you to take your much deserved holiday to a new and exciting destination.

From a European city break to a long-haul flight to Australia, travelling by air can be a tiring process before your holiday has even begun. It's always a good idea to get a little sleep on your flight so you can arrive feeling ready to explore.

With many airline companies creating dedicated health and well-being sections on their websites, it is a well-known health fact that relaxing your body and going to sleep can help to further boost your energy levels and also can benefit your overall mood when landing in your chosen destination.

Due to the gigantic land mass of the USA, Central and South America, I am currently taking a flight around every 2-3 weeks for an average of 3-5 hours at a time and I can feel the difference in my overall alertness and mood even if I have taken a 30 minute powernap. However, not all people can easily drift off to sleep on board a flight due to certain obstacles, such as noise and light so I've have created a list of my travel essentials that enable me to have a comfortable sleep and slip into a snug siesta.

1) Scarf or Blanket

When travelling on board an aircraft, it can sometimes get a little bit chilly! I've been caught out one too many times freezing my behind off and asking for a blanket, then an air steward informs me that there's a charge for blankets or there aren't any available. What?!

I always pack a large pashmina scarf in my bag. Its super soft, adds a little more travel style to your outfit and also can be used as a blanket when on the plane.

However, if you're not a lover of a pashmina scarf, then you can always take with you a micro travel blanket to keep you warm.

2) Neck Pillow

Travelling as a child, my mum always used to travel with her trusty memory foam neck pillow and until my recent spate of short and long haul flights, I have never appreciated how amazing they can be.

Often in a long haul flight you are provided with a complimentary pillow but I've found that the memory foam pillows are a much more comfortable option for getting some much needed shut eye.

3) Flight Socks

Wearing flight socks are not only a great way for keeping your feet warm and snug when the plane becomes a little chilly, but they also help to increase the circulation in your feet and legs, which in turn helps to prevent the potential risk of flight related deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

4) Ear Plugs or iPod

No matter where you go or how many flights you take, there will always be someone chatting loudly on your journey. My partner much prefers taking earplugs to block any noises, as the silence helps him to relax and drift off to sleep. Personally, I love to listen to classical or chill out music to help me fall into a sleepy slumber. If you browse through the iTunes store, they too have dedicated music to help you sleep on board your flights.

5) Eye Mask

From smooth silk to soft cotton, there are a great range of black out eye masks available online and on the high street.

Whatever your preference, an eye mask is a great way to block out any light from inside the plane or if you have bright sunlight shining in from your window seat.

What are your travel comfort essentials?

We'd  love to hear your tips and tricks to a great sleep on board your flight so let us know your travel comfort essentials in the comments below.

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