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Snow covered Grand Canyon from helicopter Phil Murray

The Grand Canyon: A Big Statement for Nature to Make

Route 66. The Mother Road. The Main Street of America. Just a few hours after leaving Las Vegas, we were cruising down this legendary highway, heading to Seligman, Arizona, for what would be the first...
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California Wine Regions: Napa vs Sonoma

Choosing the right wine is a thing of great importance – especially in a grape-loving country like the USA. Indeed, Napa and Sonoma are actually the second-most visited attractions in California after...
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Why You Should Start Your City Break with a Walking Tour

Flight Centre's Sue Johnson, loves a walking tour, and here she tells us why it's the first thing she does on arrival in a new destination... Flights booked. Hotel arranged. Now it’s time to...
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Insider Secrets: Life as a Tour Guide in Vietnam

It’s not every day that you get to attend a Vietnamese cooking class, hitch a ride on a sea plane above Ha Long Bay and take a luxury cruise down the Mekong Delta. Unless you work for Buffalo Tours th...
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Andrea Bolanos, Costa Rica

In Conversation with Exodus: Travel Styles and Guides

Exodus first took travellers to the Himalaya over 40 years ago, and has been taking people on adventures around the world ever since... W ant to really get under the skin of a destination and get to k...
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An Interview with Bruce Poon Tip of G Adventures

Ellie Fazan speaks to philanthropist and founder of G Adventures, Bruce Poon Tip... Broke and more than 3,100 miles from the check-in desk for my pre-booked flight home, I once travelled alone from Ca...
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Greece: Beyond the Beaches

Think of Greece and what do you see? Perfect white sands, gloriously pink Aegean sunsets and lazy days spent poolside with an iced cocktail? It’s true, Greece does offer these delights in spades, but ...
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A Beginner's Guide to Exploring Iran with G Adventures

The cat’s been out of the bag for a while, and Iran is now officially the worst-kept secret on the tourist radar. Last year, direct flights from London took off for Tehran after a four-year hiatus and...
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The Coolest Things to Do in Tokyo

As a city with over 13 million inhabitants and almost 150 skyscrapers, Tokyo rewards those who do their research. Its best sushi can be hidden behind a curtain, or a buzzing beer scene can be found do...
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Discovering Palenque: Mexico’s Lost City

The path narrowed as it wound through the undergrowth, skirting tangled roots and tracing the course of slender Mexican jungle streams. The heat and the humidity were energy-sapping, but I pressed on,...
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Sailing Vietnam’s Halong Bay

The sweat trickled down my back as my heart beat faster. I could feel a dozen pairs of eyes boring into me, watching me; waiting. ‘It’s not even that high up,’ I told myself, ‘you can do it’. And so, ...
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Why You Should Tour South America with G Adventures

Everyone knows it but not everyone likes to admit it: travel can sometimes be a bit daunting. Of course, exploring Panama, tramping Peru’s Inca Trail or venturing into the Costa Rican jungle is exciti...
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