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The Best Jobs in the World

Back in 2009 Tourism Australia offered ‘the best job in the world’ to one lucky applicant who went on to become ‘Caretaker of Hamilton Island’ on the Great Barrier Reef. Now they’ve launched a new campaign, offering six individual roles in various locations around Australia that make up the ‘best jobs in the world’.

The roles all offer a 6 month contract, with each successful applicant embarking on a unique and exciting adventure the like of which they will have never experienced before. The position offers a fantastic AUD$100,000 package, covering the salary and living expenses for the 6 month period. Below is a detailed look into each of the jobs to give you a little taster of what the roles entail.

Wildlife Caretaker – South Australia

South Australia’s role will see you explore the wildlife paradise of Kangaroo Island, acknowledged as the best place in Australia to see animals in the wild. While there, you’ll swim with sea lions and dolphins, see great white sharks, cuddle koalas and meet some of the many thousands of kangaroos who call the island home. As the ‘Wildlife Caretaker’ on the island, you’ll work alongside tour guides at Seal Bay Conservation Park, one of the few places on earth where Sea Lions can be observed in their natural habitat. The role covers other regions of South Australia, including the Eyre Peninsula, known for its spectacular seafood. Roaming the area by foot, 4x4, boat or even kayak you’ll take photographs of your experiences to share with the world, promoting the state through a regular blog and social media channels.

Chief Funster – New South Wales

Acting ‘Chief Funster’ for New South Wales will see the winning applicant based in Sydney, becoming a VIP of the city. If you love a good party and are always on the lookout for new and exciting events, this job is for you. Attending numerous events, festivals and functions, you’ll review your experiences through social media and even help develop some events yourself. From food festivals to sports events, you’ll work behind the scenes on a whole host of great parties, and have a blast in the process.

Lifestyle Photographer – Melbourne, Victoria

The ‘Lifestyle Photographer’ role will see the successful applicant capture some incredible moments and uncover the culture of one of Australia’s most vibrant locations. Working in a lifestyle photojournalist role, you’ll discover how people eat, drink, live and play through a medium that words just can’t capture. Unleash your creativity through your photography, video and writing skills and reveal some of Melbourne’s coolest locations and events.

Outback Adventurer – Northern Territory

More of an outdoor type? The ‘Outback Adventurer’ role will provide you with an opportunity for the adventure of a lifetime as you explore Australia’s Northern Territory. Getting up close with Australia’s wildlife, taking a hot air balloon tour, immersing yourself in indigenous culture and even stargazing, you’ll discover a wealth of awe inspiring experiences. The Northern Territory will become your playground as you uncover the best activities, locations and jobs in this amazing part of the world.

Park Ranger - Queensland

Another one for the outdoor enthusiasts; becoming a ‘Park Ranger’ will give you the chance to create a connection with nature and look after Queensland’s beautiful national parks. With spectacles as fantastic as the Great Barrier Reef, stunning waterfalls and a dizzying array of marine life, you’ll find it difficult to pick a spot to spend your 6 months. Patrolling the beaches, checking the water temperature, amongst other activities, you’ll be responsible for protecting and promoting the plethora of flora and fauna native to these parts.

Taste Master – Western Australia

Western Australia has a huge range of new foods for you to try and what better way to spend six months than by tantalising your taste buds? The successful candidate will be someone with a passion for the study of food, and the role will allow them to be responsible for promoting the various recipes and produce in this region. Touring some of the best restaurants, breweries, pubs and more, you’ll become a master of Western Australia’s cuisine, and discover some delicacies you thought you’d never try.

Applications for each of the six ‘best jobs in the world’ are open, so pick your perfect job and submit your 30 second video telling why you should get the job. You can apply here and applications close on 10 April 2013 at 9pm AEST!

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So tell us, which job would you like to apply for?

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