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The Best In-Flight Snacks

Last month we talked about the best in-flight coffees, this time we’re looking at something even closer to my heart: the best in-flight snacks. After all, even with the most comprehensive on-demand entertainment in the world, or the most thrilling book to read, everyone knows that having a delicious snack is the ultimate way to keep you content and ward off boredom on a long-haul journey. So sit back and munch on these freebies:

Cherry Ripe

Beloved by kids and adults alike across the Land Down Under, it’s only ripe that Virgin Australia hands out a free bar to each of its passengers in the air. This coconut-coated, fruit-infused dark chocolate snack is Australia’s oldest chocolate bar and is packed with more carbohydrates than a slice of bread, helping to keep you fuller for longer.

AIRLINE: Virgin Australia

Vintage chewies

British Airways have been known for offering out those vintage British sweets for passengers in all cabins: from Fruit Salads to Refreshers to Banana Skids. It’ll take you right back to your childhood AND give you a sugar boost if you’re trying to stay awake.

AIRLINE: British Airways

Lotus biscuits (Biscoff)

These little caramel delights are delicious – regardless of whether they’re accompanied by a hot beverage or not. And Delta offers specially-branded, extra-large versions of the famous biscuit, providing just the right amount of sweet to quell any hunger pangs. Cabin crew usually don’t mind if you ask for seconds either.

AIRLINE: Delta Air Lines

Sweet treats in a cone

On the majority of Air France’s long-haul flights you’ll get a cone tube filled with some sweet treats to finish off your in-flight meal. Nougat, caramel and gummy sweets – the selection is vast. And because they’re sealed in a tube, you can choose to eat them all at once, or spread out the sugar throughout the duration of your flight. As with all sweets though, you’ll want more when you’ve finished.

AIRLINE: Air France

Hot dogs

Aussie carrier Qantas has been known for offering some incredible in-flight snacks: from Bounty ice-creams to beef sliders. But the consensus in the Content team is that there has been only one winning snack onboard so far: the hot dog. Sorry veggies and vegans, but snacks don't get much more delicious than this.


Rum punch cocktail

If liquid is a huge part of your diet plan (and you’re flying between Hawaii and North America), then Hawaiian Airlines is the carrier for you. The tasty koloa breeze rum punch cocktail is part of its complimentary offering and is perfect for getting you in the holiday mood. What better way to start your trip?

AIRLINE: Hawaiian Airlines

Wine and cheese

NB: This one isn’t free – in fact you’ll have to pay the princely sum of US$12 for an in-flight snack box packed with pre-sliced tasting portions of cheese – but it’s totally worth it for a bit of decadence in the sky. Plus, the cheese is perfectly paired with the onboard wine. If you’re worried about the price and don’t want to have cheese before ‘bed’, enjoy the Terra Blues Potato Chips instead. These are complimentary and are made from naturally cerulean potatoes.


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Written by Alexandra Cronin (Gregg)

Once a roving local news reporter and now a travel-obsessed writer/sub, I'm head-over-heels for nature, wildlife and the ocean. When I'm not getting up close to animals and sea creatures, I'm seeking out the sets of my favourite TV shows around the world. 

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