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How to Take a Travel Photo Like a Pro

This article is being shared from the Flight Centre 'Experts' magazine.

Photograph what makes your destination special
Every place will have things that make it special - it could be cormorant fishermen in China, fried spiders in Cambodia or land-divers in Vanuatu. Do your research and set out to capture local life.

Get up early - stay out late!
Drag yourself out of bed and head out with your camera to take advantage of the golden light of sunrise - you might even encounter a ritual that only happens early, like a local market or even monks on their morning alms rounds in Asia.

Interpret the world with your pictures
Don't just photograph what something looks like; photograph what it means to you. Every picture should have a point, and someone should be able to tell that point when looking at it.

Avoid the middle ground
Don't always shoot with your subject in the centre of the frame - compose them to one side and your pictures will be more balanced. If you are shooting a landscape, then place the horizon two-thirds of the way up the frame.

Shoot round your subject
Don't just take one shot and then toddle off: take several. Use different angles and subject distance; try a tight composition and a shot that shows the background too.

Find a good vantage point
Cities look great from above, especially at night. Seek out a good vantage point to take your pictures from and be prepared to go back a couple of times at different times of day.

Remember the human touch
Wherever you go, photograph people. They give life to any destination and, with over 6 billion faces in the world, there is no better way to make sure you are taking a truly unique picture.

Written by Anthony Lavall

Anthony contributes news and blog stories from around the world. He loves travel, especially visiting new places and experiencing new cultures.

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