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Story behind the picture: Anthony Cullen's Tomatina

Award winning photographer and judge of the World’s Worst Travel Photographer Competition Anthony Cullen reveals the story behind one of his famous shots.

Today we launched a photography competition with a difference – the search to uncover the World’s Worst Travel  Photographer 2012.

Why, you ask? To which we respond: why not! There are plenty of competitions out there to acknowledge the artistically inclined, but none to celebrate the glory that is attached to bad photography. We believe that every photo tells a story... it’s just that some don’t end happily ever after.

Luckily, award-winning photographer Anthony Cullen does not suffer from photographic failings; which is why he forms part of our esteemed judging panel, poised to deliver the accolade to our lucky competition winners.

The photographer deemed by our judges to show a glimmer of reform will win the chance to attend a photography course by this Hodge/Observer Photojournalist of the Year, giving them the chance to put an end to their bloopers once and for all.

Keen to know what it takes NOT to be a simply awful photographer? There’ll be loads of tips and tricks throughout the competition – stay tuned to this blog, and follow @WorstTravelPics and #crapsnaps on Twitter.

To get us started, Anthony Cullen shares with us a story behind one of his famous shots, entitled Tomatina:

“Every year hundreds of people descend on a small village in Spain called Bunol and wait for lorry loads of soft (most of them – ouch!) tomatoes to be dumped on the streets. They then spend an hour throwing them at each other as well as easy targets – photographers for instance. (I still have tomato stains on my Billingham.) Beforehand, the villagers cover the houses in plastic sheets to protect them from the onslaught. The girls in the picture were hiding behind the plastic when I took this picture; the slightly diffused light has fallen beautifully on the scene but I also like the fact that if the girl hadn't turned around and smiled or had been cropped, the picture may have seemed a lot more gruesome and jarred the emotions of the viewer.”

Don’t think you can produce a travel photo of this calibre? Great! Enter the competition now.

This competition is now closed for entries. Thanks to everyone who sent their crapsnaps our way. 

Written by Flight Centre UK

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