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Staying fit and healthy on holiday

The gyms are full, the shops are running low on kale and lentils, and the health kick has begun. But, there’s one challenge that faces all of us – the holiday splurge.

Holidays are meant to be a time for you to relax, enjoy the company of friends and family and treating yourself. But, that doesn't mean undoing all of your hard work at the gym.

Here’s a handy guide on how to help you stay healthy on holiday.

Check into the hotel gym

Hotel gyms are a great way to keep your fitness routine in check on your travels. As tempting as it may be to conveniently forget the gym facility, try and force yourself to go at least every other day of your trip. The location is ideal as it is usually on the premises, you can easily go up to your room to shower and change after your session, meaning you can get it over and done with relatively quickly.

Some luxury resorts may also offer fitness classes like yoga, or pilates. Ask the hotel about information on locations and times so that you can schedule a session into your holiday plan.

Use the great outdoors

If you feel that going all the way to another country to use an indoor gym is a bit absurd, why not use the landscapes around you.

National Parks are great for offering a range of hikes for all fitness levels. Trails not only get you on the move, but also offer the reward of incredible sights along the way. If there isn’t a national park nearby, look for a coastal path, a beautiful park, or even just walk around the new city or town you’re visiting. You’ll get to explore the destination you’re visiting as well as burning off some extra calories.

Book yourself onto an adrenaline activity

Different landscapes and locations present the perfect opportunity to experience new and exciting sports. Beach breaks are great to try out surfing, paddle boarding, wake boarding, and other water activities, whereas more rural landscapes may offer abseiling or rock climbing tours.

Indulge in street food

Staying healthy is not all about fitness, you also have to restrain from using your holiday as an excuse to cheat on your clean eating. That doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice the local cuisine though.

Street food in Southeast Asia is not only a fantastic way to get closer to the locals, but you’ll also find that the basic ingredients make for a healthier meal.

Food trucks in larger cities have also begun to venture into more gourmet, vegan, organic and healthier catering.  Swap indoor cafes, for outside alfresco dining; the meals will not only be healthier, but your money will support these entrepreneurs with ambitious menus.

Hit the juice bar

The global domination of juice bars has left its mark on all major cities around the world. Pop up smoothie shops, or local organic cafes, are a great way to get your vitamins and Five a Day in a quick and easy way. You can choose between fruit smoothies or vegetable juices, all designed to fill you up and give you more energy on the go.

Written by Helen Winter

I'm a passionate (see: obsessed) traveller. I love to explore a new country on foot; whether it's through the narrow streets of historic towns, or along ambitious hiking trails in a national park. Have a travel story to share? Tweet me @winter_wanders

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