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Lencoin Marahenses Brazil

Discovering Brazil's National Parks

Quartz trails and waterfalls, caves and topaz-hued swimming holes, sand dunes and oasis-like lagoons. Four of Brazil’s National Parks: Chapada Dos Veadeiros, Chapada Da Diamantina, Jericoacoara and Le...
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The Best Mayan Ruins In Mexico

For thousands of years, the Mayans carved civilizations out of the dense jungles of Central America, building elaborate cities that could rival anywhere in the world. But the Mayans were doomed to col...
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Empanadas for lunch Carlie Mesquitta

Vamos a los vineyards! A guide to Cafayate, Argentina’s Second Wine Region

It’s no secret that Argentina is a major player in the world of wine production. Its most famous wine-growing region, Mendoz...
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Confeitaria Colombo Rio Carlie Mesquitta

6 of the Best Foodie Hotspots in Rio

Famous for Carnival, caipirinhas and of course, the Copacabana, Rio is a dynamic, diverse city where tourists and locals mingle against a backdrop of beautiful beaches, lush jungle and magnificent mou...
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Galapagos Islands Jessica French

The Top Free Things to Do in the Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos is a bucket list destination for many travellers worldwide. It is the source of many an Attenborough documentary, a paradise for wildlife and the home of the concept of evolution. It tru...
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Machu Picchu

Travel Icon: Machu Picchu

Tread lightly on your trail to witness one of Earth’s engineering marvels, the Peruvian sanctuary of Machu Picchu. Photographer Pedro Pulido tells us why its magic should be preserved... In Peru’s for...
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The Most Beautiful Beaches in the World

On 8th June every year, we mark World Oceans Day, a day of celebration and awareness for the world’s oceans and the adverse effects humanity and our planet is having on them. Run by The Ocean Project,...
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Murals in Palermo neighbourhood, Buenos Aires

7 Things to Do in Buenos Aires

The lively capital of Argentina is one of South America’s most impressive cities, with its wide tree-lined avenues and colourful street art everywhere you look. The flavour of Buenos Aires extends pas...
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Colourful Caminito street, La Boca, Buenos Aires

Where to Shop in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Personal shopper, writer and stylist Sophie Lloyd has lived in Buenos Aires for seven years. Through her company, Shop Hop BA, she provides tailored introductions to the city’s secret shopping scene. ...
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Travel Photos: Discovering Rio Carnival and Beyond

Rio, 2am and the pulsing heart of the city is beating faster than ever. The heat of the day still lingers, but a welcome breeze keeps things pleasant. At least it might, if I wasn’t wearing the heavie...
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8 Waterfalls worth Travelling For

There’s something spectacular about seeing a huge waterfall in the flesh; so much so that it can often be the big draw for visiting a particular destination. After all, these plunging, watery forces a...
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6 of the Best Road Trip Movies EVER

“I don’t ever remember feeling this awake.” This is just one of the many famous lines Thelma utters to Louise in one of the most iconic US road trip films of all time: Thelma & Louise. And who...
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