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Let Flight Centre Open Your World


"Open up the world for those who want to see..."

Our simple, beautiful purpose is now more important than ever. We know that travel broadens minds, raises awareness and fosters understanding. And for 25 years on the UK high street we’ve made it our passion to provide unforgettable travel experiences for customers.

When the world gets back to normal, our lovely Travel Consultants will be well placed to help our corporate customers rekindle international relations and our leisure customers rediscover the world. And, as we all take essential measures to keep safe, now is the time to dream and plan. Why not check out more of our Inspiration section as a good place to start?

Your next holiday will be more hotly anticipated, more richly deserved and more meaningful than ever. And we’ll be ready to ensure that trip is tailor-made easy. In the meantime, for those of you with travel plans in upcoming months, we’re here for any changes you might have to make.

If you still need to travel now, we’ll do our best to get you there. Our Consultants are all armed with the latest advice and offer invaluable support. Simply put, you’re in safe hands when you book your travel with Flight Centre. We’ve got your back.

Written by Phil Murray

With parents in the travel industry, I was pretty much born with one of those take-off sweets in my mouth. I’m very fortunate to be close to clocking up my 50th country - not that I’ll slow down after that. No matter how many places I visit, I don’t think the excitement that comes with boarding a plane will ever wear off. Flying, for me, is one of the most extraordinary things we get to do as human beings and I’ll always be first in line for that window seat!

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