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Meet the Flight Centre Travel Concierge Team

Travel concierge

Meet our fantastic Flight Centre Travel Concierge team. If you've booked a holiday with us, and haven't heard of these miracle workers, then read on to find out more! Our dedicated in-house Concierge team are here to help you sort out those all-important finishing touches to your holiday. Whether it's tickets to a show or game, arranging a tour, providing you with restaurant recommendations, or helping you organise an important event like a wedding or birthday, our fabulous team will be here for you every step of the way. 

Jennifer Poynton - Image:Jennifer Poynton

Jennifer Poynton

Image:Jennifer Poynton

Meet Jennifer...

My love for the spicier things in life (I even had chilis in my wedding bouquet!) is rivalled only by my love of vodka thanks to four years living in Russia. A fan of trains over planes, (I’ve interrailed twice and travelled on the Trans Siberian plus Trans Mongolian railways), I’ve got the legendary Japanese bullet trains in my sights for 2020 and hopefully Rocky Mountaineer beyond that. I’ve just got back from a really wild time in South Africa on safari and am already looking forward to my next adventures in Japan and also the ‘Stans. 

Monica DiVito - Image: Monica DiVito

Monica DiVito

Image: Monica DiVito

Meet Monica...

I love animals and spent some time volunteering at the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary whilst I lived in Australia. I have also spent a lot of time in Spain as my family originate from there– so I'm bilingual. I often spend my weekends getting out and about exploring anything instagrammable that catches my eye like flowers, a nice brunch, Christmas lights or beautiful scenery. I've just been to Mauritius and have got South Africa on my list to visit next.

Jess Tran - Image: Jess Tran

Jess Tran

Image: Jess Tran

Meet Jess...

I'm a new mom so am all about the stress-free family travel. I'm a Canadian expat and have been living in the UK for over two years already, but I also used to live in the Dominican Republic. I adore beach life over city life but city time over island time. I've visited every province in Canada except the NWT, and next on my baby world tour is New York and Jamaica.

Rio Silver - Image: Rio Silver

Rio Silver

Image: Rio Silver

Meet Rio...

I am a big brunch lover, so at weekends you'll often find me scoping out the best spots but I also love photographing unusual architecture, both of which I like to document on my Instagram. New York is my favourite destination although I love quick city breaks in Europe. I'm a massive foodie and love Asian cuisine and culture. I’ve lived in Vienna and my most recent trip was to Washington D.C. on a monuments and history trip! My dream trip would be a top-to-bottom tour of Japan.

Philipa Worker - Image: Philipa Worker

Philipa Worker

Image: Philipa Worker

Meet Philipa...

I'm a huge foodie, and love finding new cafes and restaurants to try. I’m always up for a local delicacy, from kangaroo in Australia to fried spider in Cambodia. I am very outdoorsy and love nothing more than a great view, even it’s a bit of climb! I'm an avid charity supporter and volunteer so have ran marathons, hosted fundraiser events and spent 3 months in Bangladesh on a sustainable development program to help young people into work. Most recently I have explored the legendary music of deep south America and the incredible wildlife of South Africa, next on my list is the natural beauty of Iceland!

Written by Emily Rose Cater

Having studied Journalism, Film & Media at university, Emily spent the first three years of her career writing for fashion titles, before finding her niche in travel writing. Emily has been lucky enough to travel the world for both work and pleasure, with favourite destinations being Borneo, Sri Lanka and The Philippines. When she's not travelling, Emily loves to binge-watch crime documentaries, go for a hike, or (attempt) to bake.

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