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Meet Norman, this week’s worst travel photographer

If you haven’t met Norman Price yet, it’s time that you did. He’s been keeping us entertained here in the Flight Centre office with his seemingly limitless archive of terrible travel snaps and increasingly acerbic comments.

In fact, he’s been inundating us with so many entries that we decided to give him his own album – think of it as a hall of fame... or shame, it’s up to you.

Be it Egyptian streets, the vast Niagara Falls or a self-portrait featuring his nose hair (thanks for that, Norman), Norman just has a talent for, er... capturing the moment. Such as in this shot taken in the Sri Lankan forest:

“This is where photographic knowhow comes to the fore,” Norman told us. “Note that by using a wide-angled lens, I have managed to keep both the foreground and background in focus. Not easy to do with a standard lens."

(We really do admire your talent, Norman.)

And then there was this self-portrait snapped in Chamonix:

“I'd have cleaned my nostrils if I'd known I was going to do that." Norman assured us. (We would have appreciated that Norman.)

"I think this self-shot has worked rather well on our reindeer sleigh ride in Finland.” Norman said. “At least, it's given a bit of soft focus to the nostrils."

(And we do thank you, Norman. Sincerely.)

There was no limit to Norman’s photographic talents (at least, according to him), but we began to worry when he started giving lessons to Annette, his travel companion. Here was Annette’s entry, taken at Charlottenburg Palace, near Berlin:

“I am learning slowly,” Annette said. “But I have a good teacher, or so I've been told. Norman says that my composition is poor. I don't see how that can be, because I always had top marks for my essays at school.”

But perhaps Norman’s finest moment was when he emailed to clarify the details of the competition’s grand prize: “Now then,” he said. “If I win this competition, when would I have to give the course, and would I get paid?"

Well, this is awkward.

Of all Norman’s entries, it was difficult choosing the worst. There were just so many eligible entries competing for the prize. But, after an informal vote, we have decided. This week’s worst of the week is Norman’s attempt at recreating the classic tourist shot in Pisa:

"Those shots of people holding up the Tower of Pisa are easy, aren't they? Not only did I get the exposure wrong, but my composition makes it look like a Tai Chi class."

Congratulations Norman! You have won a brilliant travel photography book from our friends at Travel Photographer of the Year along with a £50 travel voucher to put towards your next trip.

Now please stop emailing us. Please.

Think you can do better than Norman’s #crapsnaps? Next week we are giving away another weekly prize, and our grand prize winner will take home a Fuji X-S1 camera worth £500 from Dixons Travel and a photography course.

This competition is now closed for entries. Thanks to everyone who sent their crapsnaps our way. 

Written by Flight Centre UK

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