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Learning to surf in Noosa, Australia

When you’re travelling along the East Coast of Australia, one of the number one things you simply have to try is surfing. I was travelling with Greyhound Coaches (which I’d also highly recommend!) and you can't help but notice all the beautiful beaches out of the window as you’ve driven along, and you’ve probably even noticed all the surfers too!

If I’m being honest, surfing wasn’t one of my priorities while I was in Australia. But the more we saw of those gorgeous beaches, the more I wanted a slice of the surfing culture that is such a huge part of life down under. Every beach we went to was  full of early morning surfers and we so badly wanted to give it a try.

We learnt to surf in the beautiful little town of Noosa at Noosa Surf School, one of the country’s best-rated surf schools.

The school was recommend to us by a girl we met at our hostel and she’d had such a fun time and recommended it so highly that we couldn’t resist giving it a go. They teach beginners through to expert level so you just have to state what you are when booking and they’ll get you into the right class level.

The class sizes at the surf school were really intimate and small (we were in a group of 6) so you got plenty of time with the instructor and lots of help which I definitely needed! Secondly, as neither of us have surfed before it was awesome to find out that the instructor at Noosa Surf School is a past world champion, so we new we were in good hands.

We chose the morning lesson which lasted about three hours. If you're a first-timer you'll spend your first hour on the sand learning the proper techniques. You'll be thankful for this later on as it's so much easier in the water once you’ve perfected the techniques on dry land.

The nice thing about Noosa beach, and one of the things I was most thankful for, was how shallow the water is. I’m a very confident swimmer, but I was wary of being in very deep water, especially with the idea of sharks at the back of my mind. And having never actually used a surf board before!

To my relief, we were never stood in water deeper than my chest so I felt confident the whole time. It was a relief to be free of any worried thoughts I might have had if the water had been deeper. It also made jumping on the board much easier when your feet were able to touch the bottom of the ocean floor.

Looking back at our time in Australia, I honestly don’t think we could’ve chosen a better place to learn to surf. Noosa beach is quiet, beautiful and calm – which made the whole experience even more enjoyable and so much more fun. The best bit? Once you’ve learnt here you can take your skills with you and try out some of the other amazing beaches along the east coast.

I’d recommend to anyone to give surfing a shot, and I definitely recommend giving it a try in Noosa if you happen to be passing through there on your east coast tour of Oz.

You can read more about Elle-Rose and her time in Australia on her travel blog, The World and Then Some.

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