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Kirsten Alana's mobile photography tips

Our competition to find the World’s Worst Travel Photographer includes a category especially for mobile photography. Have you entered your worst mobile travel snaps yet?

Winner of the Worst Mobile Photographer accolade will not only receive a £200 travel voucher, but also a photography course so you can put your photo shockers behind you forever.

Here our judge and iPhoneography expert Kirsten Alana shares her top tips on what it takes to create great mobile photography (... but if your results don’t turn out as great as Alana’s send ’em our way!)

1. The old rules still apply

Pay attention to things like colour, contrast and the rule of thirds as well as depth of field when taking a photograph with a mobile device.

2. Your FINGER is your best friend

The iPad, iPhone 3Gs and above give you the ability to point at the place on screen you'd like to be most in focus as well as best exposed. Many other smartphones allow this as well. Take advantage of it, don't just 'point and click'.

3. Get High. Get Low.

Don't raise your mobile device to eye level and then just take a photo. Take the time to find a unique angle by getting beneath your subject, low to it or even high above.

4. SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera)

Smartphone devices and tablets give you more apps and tools than you will ever need to make an image look more like an over-touched painting than a photograph. But when in doubt: aim for a look that says, 'what do you mean edit? This is Straight Out Of Camera.'

5. DOF

It's easy to simulate shallow depth of field on a mobile device and that look can differentiate you from other mobile and dSLR photographers. Don't take every image at what would be equivalent to between f/11 and 22. Look for apps that allow you to simulate tilt-shift and learn to use it not just as a miniaturisation technique but also as a way to highlight whatever your subject is in the image. (Ed: eh?) Diptic and Instagram both have this built in. (Oh, okay then.)

6. Tell a Story

Using more than one photo in a collage, tell a story about a person/place/thing. In the end, you'll have just one image to share but it will tell more than one photo alone can. Apps like Diptic and Frametastic do this well.

7. FOOD!

When photographing food, consider the Hipstamatic Foodie Snap Pack which was created specifically for culinary capturing - and always shoot in natural light. Candlelight and other moody situations rarely make food look exceptional. You can take gorgeous food photos with a mobile device.

8. Add Words

Create a meme, name the place, watermark your image, or just have fun with a quote by using apps like Filterstorm & PhotoMarkr to add text to your image.

Find out more about Kirsten’s iPhoneography at her website, blog and site.

Stay tuned for more photography tips and hints from our judges, including Simon Reeve, Anthony Cullen, Chris Coe and Max Wooldridge.

Think you've got the (lack of) skills to be the World's Worst Travel Photographer? Enter the competition now!


This competition is now closed for entries. Thanks to everyone who sent their crapsnaps our way. 

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