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Instatravellers: Aspen the Mountain Pup

Animals on Instagram are the new celebrities – some amassing more than one million followers with ease. One such upcoming furry superstar is @Aspenthemountainpup, who reached 68.4K followers after just 29 posts. It's easy to see why though; he’s adorable!

Unfortunately Aspen was too busy prepping for his next close-up, so we caught up with his owner and personal snapper, Hunter Lawrence, to find out more about the pooch behind the picture.

Our dog Aspen has always tagged along on hikes, backpacking trips and a ton of my photo shoots…

I run a photography and marketing business out of Denver, Colorado, where my wife, Sarah and I moved to from Austin, Texas almost two years ago. Living in the mountains has been such a great thing for our family and Aspen. We love going outdoors and getting lost in the millions of acres of forest and mountain land.

My camera is always with me, so we’ve been fortunate enough to capture Aspen in some really beautiful environments; most recently in Canada. He’s a super obedient dog, and so whenever I put a hat on him or a pair of hiking boots he always stays put until I tell him and it often makes for a really great image.

I have been using Instagram for the past four years, and always told myself I would never give Aspen his own feed...

...But I caved and ended up doing it after I realised we had some really awesome images that we wanted to share with the world. I guess people have really begun to love it as much as we do.

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Perfect day for a hike.

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He's incredibly easy to photograph…

We don’t spend hours taking his photo, just a couple of minutes and then we’re back to playing.

Aspen is a four year old Golden Retriever; we got him when we was just six weeks old on Thanksgiving Day…

Since the day we got him, he’s always captured everyone’s attention. Everywhere we take him, you can be sure that basically everyone will stop, get down on a knee and start playing with him. My wife Sarah and I always joke that when we take Aspen with us anywhere, it takes us two or three times longer to get stuff done. He’s the most joyful dog, and loves being outdoors.

We’ve been taking Aspen on adventures since he was puppy…

It wasn’t until we moved to Colorado that he really knew what snow, mountains and rivers were. It’s been fun watching him blend in, as though he’s lived here his whole life.

Aspen is happy all the time, but he’s most happy when he’s outside, and near us...

He loves to swim, loves to jump around in the snow and loves sleeping in our tent when we go backpacking.

The most adventurous thing Aspen has done was on a family road trip to Alberta, Canada…

We had always wanted to canoe across Lake Louise, so all three of us piled in the boat and had a blast!

When it comes to our favourite place…

For Aspen, as long as we’re outside he’s content. When he gets really excited he starts running around like a wild dog, it’s the cutest thing. For me, my wife and I lived in Iceland this past winter and spring and fell in love with that place.

If I could take Aspen anywhere in the world, I would like to…

Take Aspen over to Iceland, we would love that. One day, maybe. We just don’t like the whole idea of him having to sit under the plane. Maybe we can get an airline to give us his own seat!

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Written by Helen Winter

I'm a passionate (see: obsessed) traveller. I love to explore a new country on foot; whether it's through the narrow streets of historic towns, or along ambitious hiking trails in a national park. Have a travel story to share? Tweet me @winter_wanders

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