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Instatraveller: Catching up with an Urban Explorer

For most of us, relaxation and chill-out time is key when on holiday. But @makhorov – of Novosibirsk in Russia – explores the world in a unique way: he scales the tallest buildings and structures he can find, and captures spectacular images from up high. We caught up with Vadim Makhorov for our latest Instatraveller feature, to find out what inspires him to climb death-defying heights, and how he got into this unique take on travel photography…

How did it all begin?

I started taking photographs nine years ago, and I was immediately drawn to different angles. Around a month later, I climbed my first roof and noticed how amazing everything looked from above. From then on, it was a big deal for me.

How many countries have you travelled to, and which destination has been your favourite to visit?

I’ve been to almost 50 countries. I really liked Hong Kong, it was such an urban city. I also really enjoyed visiting Iran and India; so many interesting people live there.

What’s been your most memorable climb?

I loved the Shanghai Tower and Cologne Cathedral; these were the most memorable experiences for me. You must be smart if you want to find a way to the very top. Once you’re up there, you’re seeing everything from an angle no-one else gets to experience. Also, I love that I get to share these views with people through my photographs.

What’s the reaction been like to your photographs and the Instagram account?

Some peoples think I am crazy, but most people like what I do. I am lucky to not have negative responses to my work.

Do you ever feel afraid when capturing the images?

I’m not afraid of the height. Everything is OK, but of course I wouldn’t recommend it to everyone because it is dangerous.

What’s the next adventure?

I can’t tell you yet. But you will see very soon…

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Written by Tessa Watkins

Formerly a local news editor and reporter covering court cases and crime stories, I’m obsessed with all things travel. Often found exploring a new city and seeking out the world’s best beaches, there are a plethora of destinations I remain desperate to discover. Tweet me @tess1977

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