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How to Survive Travelling with your Partner

One of the most exciting things for couples to experience is to be lost overseas with each other. Travelling with your partner can mean discovering new places together, cultivating loves for new foods and drinks, and learning more about yourself and each other. That said, while it can be hard to imagine anything going wrong before you depart, sometimes circumstances can soon turn sour if you're not prepared for the inevitable issues travelling together will bring. For long-term partners, honeymooners, and fun-loving couples, here are some tips and bits of advice to help you survive travelling with your partner.


Different people like different things, including your other half. It's not always easy to decide on where you want to go next and what you want to do. The key is to find a happy medium that suits the both of you and allows you both to get the most out of you trip. For example, if your partner loves adventure and you love the beach, be sure to mix up the active days with some relaxation too.

Value personal time

Travelling together can take its toll on your relationship, especially on long-haul trips. Make sure you give each other space when needed; don't be afraid to take day trips on your own or, if you're travelling for long periods, spend a day with your headphones in, reading a good book.

Respect your partner's interests

Realising that certain activities will appeal to you and not your partner is important. Nobody likes to be stuck doing something they don't enjoy and it's quite easy to pick up on those signals. You need to show your partner that you care enough to let them do what they want and respect that decision – as we mention under 'compromise'. Let them go off and do what they want to do for a day, and you can do something you enjoy instead. Or, better yet, why not join them in their interest? Try and really immerse yourself in it, so you can find out what it is your partner likes about that particular activity. Who knows, you might find yourself gaining a new interest too.

Share the load – but don't worry if it's not 50/50

In many relationships money can cause problems and get in the way of the fun stuff. Sometimes one of you may have more cash, sometimes the other will, but just try and keep in mind that money is only money. Ultimately, try and share the financial burden as much possible on your travels but, likewise, don't beat yourself up if your partner has contributed more money than you or vice versa. You're a team and in the trip together, after all.

Make friends

As humans it is natural for us to socialise. Making friends can add a new dimension and perspective to your trip, but it can also relieve you and your partner of any rising irritations that are caused by spending too much time together. You have gone travelling to enjoy yourselves and have fun, meeting new and exciting people is a part of that experience.

Pack sensibly

It's a small note, but packing sensibly can ease tensions. Nobody enjoys carrying around overweight and unnecessary luggage, especially if it's your partners. Make a joint list before you travel, then go over the items and ditch the 'just in case' things that will rarely be used.

Keep the romance alive

Perhaps the most important survival tip of all. It is easy to lose sight of each other when you're preoccupied with the world around you. Although being with your partner should feel natural, you need to put in the effort to ensure that the flame never dies, even when you're on holiday. Take the time to splash out on a swanky meal, have a picnic on the beach, or look for romance in an unlikely place – it's these little moments that will work wonders for your relationship on the road.

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Written by Two Bohemians

We are the Two Bohemians, Luke Mackley and Tyler Whitworth, two creative and adventure driven people who happen to be in love with each other. We hope to inspire you as we take journeys across the globe and be inspired by all we encounter along the way. Follow our journey:, instagram: @two_bohemians

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