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How to Smoast in Style

We’ll start with the basics in this mini guide on how to smoast in style, so for those of you who are wondering what on earth smoasting is, this part is for you.

What is smoasting?

Smoasting is social media boasting. It’s when something wonderful happens and you just have to share it with all your friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Vine and Pinterest. According to T-Mobile, 60% of Britons will use social media to tell their friends that that they're on holiday and having a fantastic time.

We’ve all seen it, when you check your Facebook and see nothing but pristine beaches and happy smiley faces with the kind of tan that can only come from a stress-free two weeks in sun. Then there’s the cocktails at sunset in the Maldives, the latte art in Melbourne and the odd air-jump in front of a long-tail boat in Thailand. Yes, the best updates make you insanely jealous and make you want to be in your friends shoes for the remainder of their trip. So how can you make sure you return the favour during your next trip?

Now there’s a fine line between smoasting and bragging so read on to find out how you can smoast in style.

Don’t over smoast

One or two social media updates a day is more than enough to show what a fabulous time you’re having. More than this and you will simply annoy your friends and they will start ignoring your updates.

Use different social media channels

We know that most people use Facebook but you can have a lot of fun and be much more creative using different channels. Why not add a stylish filter to your photos on Instagram and add a few hashtags to make sure it’s not just your immediate friends who see them. Use Twitter for short and sweet updates and Vine to make creative videos to give a real sense of place. You could even add some text to your favourite pictures and pin them on Pinterest.

Think about the time difference

Travelling to Australia and sharing your delicious seafood lunch on the beach is the ultimate way to make everyone at home green with envy, unless you send it when they’re all fast asleep and no one sees it.

Use high quality images

The cameras on today’s smart phones are amazingly high quality and you can get some incredible photos with even the most basic smart phones so make sure you use them properly. Don’t post blurry photos or pictures with people’s heads chopped out. If you’re taking pictures at night you might need a flash or an app to help adjust the lighting.

Have fun with your photos

If you really want your photos to stand out from the crowd then try getting creative with them. Try some classic optical illusions like kissing a sphinx in Egypt, sanding on a can on the salt flats of Bolivia, holding the sun in the palm of your hand or propping up the Leaning Tower of Pisa with your pinky.

Don’t let it take over your holiday!

We’ve saved the most important tip until last. Yes, we all want to share the best moments from our but don’t be that person who is constantly searching for wifi or is glued to their phone during a romantic evening meal.

Smoasting isn’t all about making your friends and family jealous, it’s also about sharing those blissfully happy moments that you want to capture and save forever. So get snappy happy with your smart phones and share your holiday moments with the world.

 Massive thanks to Steve from for allowing us to use his photo. Find more of his Instagram photos at backpackersteve.

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