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How to Be Healthy on Holiday

There’s nothing worse than getting sick, being struck down by flu or spending forever sniffing because of your allergies... Unless you get sick on holiday, that is. Don’t let illness hamper your travels. Stay healthy before, during and after your travels by visiting the Flight Centre Travel Clinic and following these essential tips to keep you in fine fettle:

Tackle heat rash

If you suffer from prickly heat in the sun, take antihistamines for up to two weeks before you go on holiday (but check with your doctor first). This tactic should help prevent a rash from forming.

Go jab-happy

If you’re travelling to a country for which you need vaccinations, prepare for your trip four to six weeks before you travel. For Expert advice on what vaccinations you need, visit one of Flight Centre’s Travel Clinics opening across the UK – such as the clinic at our High Street Kensington store. Prices start at £20 for a consultation.

Stock up on pharmaceuticals

Put together a travel kit of health essentials, including painkillers, antiseptic, anti-diarrhoea pills, sunscreen, insect repellent and any prescription medications.

Don’t let the mozzies win

Use a good insect repellent when you’re out between dusk and dawn. Products containing the chemical DEET are the most effective. Minimise itching and swelling from insect bites with a once-a-day antihistamine.

Do what Baz Luhrmann says

Stay safe in the sun. Wear sunscreen, at least factor 15 (preferably higher!), use a protective sun hat and spend time in the shade between 11am and 3pm when the sun is at its hottest.

Be altitude conscious

On long-haul flights, wear comfortable clothing, and walk around and stretch your legs whenever you can. Stay hydrated with water, and avoid alcohol to minimise swollen joints.

Stick to bottled water

In countries with poor sanitation, avoid drinking the tap water and use bottled water to brush your teeth. Avoid ice in your drinks too.

Eat smart

In developing countries, avoid eating salads that might have been washed in untreated water. Also, steer clear of fresh or cooked food that has been exposed to flies or standing at ambient temperature in a warm environment.

Get covered

Apply for a free European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) that gives you access to emergency medical treatment in Europe. It’s important to have travel insurance too, as the right policy should cover costs that an EHIC doesn’t – your personal contributions towards treatment and a delayed return journey for example.

Speak to one of our Travel Experts today about booking your trip and tackling your vaccinations, insurance and other health concerns before you fly.

Written by Flight Centre UK

At Flight Centre we are long-haul, tailor-made holiday specialists offering amazing travel experiences. Our lovely humans Travel Consultants have a real can-do attitude, and are passionate about sharing their stories and travel news with you on our blog!

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