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Bed, Breakfast and Animals: Hotels with Resident Pets

Animal hotels

If you’re anything like me, you have to put aside at least 30 minutes to say a tearful goodbye to your pets before every holiday. But, for those who really get pet-sick, there are some sympathetic hotels that have their own non-human companions to give you your animal fix for the day. Here are our favourites:

Canine concierge: Beau, the dog

Flight Centre’s very own Amy got to walk the wonderful Beau, The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver’s 'canine concierge'. Beau is a friendly yellow Labrador who has lived at the hotel for nine years, and when guests want to explore the city they can volunteer to take Beau with them for a walk.

The Fairmont Vancouver is a pet-friendly hotel, but Beau is there for those who aren’t able to take their beloved furry companions abroad with them. Miss Beau when you get home? Good job that he has his own email address so you can stay in touch.

© Flight Centre UK

And if you're travelling around the USA and Canada, Beau is just one of a huge fleet of canine concierges across North America. We especially like the sound of Edie too, a white boxer/Labrador mix at Fairmont Pittsburgh.

Furry friend: Apple, the wallaby

At the beautiful Thala Beach Nature Reserve in Queensland, you can watch Apple, the resident wallaby, hop through the lobby and the hotel grounds. Only in Australia, right?

There are around 50 wallabies that live at Thala, but it’s Apple’s confidence that allows her to demand celebrity status from hotel guests and visitors. She even has her own hashtag! #AppletheWallaby

© Thala Beach Nature Reserve

Make room for: ducks

Whilst we’re on the topic of unusual guests, The Peabody hotel in Memphis, USA, has its very own flock of ducks.

The origins of these feathered friends date back to 1933, when the then General Manager Frank Schutt had a bit too much Jack Daniel’s whisky. As a joke, live ducks were put into the hotel fountain and they were such a success that they stayed. That's when the job role for a 'Peabody Duckmaster' was created. Each day the ducks visit the lobby fountain at 11am and 5pm, and do their iconic Peabody duck march. Yes, the hotel is very proud of its ducks.

Friends of the hotel: crocodiles and flamingos

Okay, so if you’re missing your cat, dog, guinea pigs or rabbits, the residents at the Grand Palladium in Mexico's Riviera Maya won’t be available for a cuddle, but they will offer a welcome distraction.

On the grounds of this luxurious resort, you’ll find a pink flamboyance of flamingos in two of the three lagoons. And who should be lurking in the third lagoon? Some exotic crocodiles! You truly get to experience wildlife from the moment you step foot outside your room.

Honoured guest: giraffes

Naturally, to entice you to reach the end of this article, we’ve saved the best for last! If you’re a whizz at social media then you’ve probably seen the photos of a giraffe poking its head into a dining room whilst a family have breakfast. But, we can confirm, it’s not just a viral Photoshop image: it’s actually real!

Officially one of the only hotels where you can feed a giraffe from your window, the Safari Collection-run Giraffe Manor sits on private land, home to roaming giraffes and friendly warthogs. Add it to your bucket list. Right now.

© Giraffe Manor

Want to connect with animals on your next holiday? Speak to our Travel Experts about booking your stay in one of these wild hotels.

Written by Helen Winter

I'm a passionate (see: obsessed) traveller. I love to explore a new country on foot; whether it's through the narrow streets of historic towns, or along ambitious hiking trails in a national park. Have a travel story to share? Tweet me @winter_wanders

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