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Top Tips for Travelling During COVID-19

Rhodes (Chloe Horrex)

Holidays. Remember those? Your first drink whilst seated in a cool shaded bar as the Grecian sun wraps you in warmth. Or how about a few hours of sightseeing in one of the most beautiful medieval towns in Europe? I can tell you first-hand, it was like a weight had been lifted as soon as I arrived in Rhodes. Holidays are good for your mental health.

The Old Town was like something out of a fairytale, long cobbled roads free from traffic, quaint restaurants and amazing scenery. I loved every minute of it, even in COVID-19 times. Here are my tips and insights while travelling during coronavirus (when restrictions allow, of course):


First things first, take your masks. You will need them on the plane and in transfers, all drivers are made to wear them, so it’s only respectful (if not required in some cases) for you to do the same. You will also need them for any shops you want to go in. Restaurants will not ask you to wear them while seated, however your server will be wearing one. A good thing that has come from COVID-19 is that cleanliness in all restaurants and bars is second to none.

The Hotel

I stayed in a hotel called the 10GR Hotel & Wine bar. It was incredible. This boutique hideaway is tucked along the street; walk too fast and you’ll miss it so be sure to take it slow – you’re in no rush now. The service was impeccable, the food was fabulous… and the wine selection they have here is enough to make any grape aficionado weak at the knees (did I mention you get a complimentary bottle of wine upon arrival?). 

If you opt to stay at a larger resort be prepared to be temperature tested on arrival and then again before entering the restaurants on site – this is a great and easy way for hotels to monitor and reduce the chance of any outbreaks in their resort. Wearing masks in lifts is now the law in Greece so make sure you always have a comfortable face mask handy! All food is covered and staff have been trained to serve you your food at the buffet, rather than everyone helping themselves.

The Overall Sense of Calm

There is a double-edged sword when it comes to travelling during a pandemic. These countries rely heavily on tourism, so unfortunately you’re likely to see some closed hotels and restaurants. On the other hand, you get to experience amazing cities and places with fewer crowds. There is a real calming peace that comes with walking around a quiet town or city.

As long as you stick to the rules and abide by the guidelines set out by the country you are visiting, there is no reason why going on holiday should be daunting. So, if you feel like escaping the autumn, get in touch with one of our experts and let us tailor-make your perfect getaway!

Written by Chloe Horrex

I’m totally in awe of this planet and everything it has to offer us. Whether it’s road trips down Route 66, sitting under the stars watching the sunset over Uluru, or whale watching in Iceland – I just want to do it all! And when I’m not taking in the sights I’m taking in the food. I’m a big foodie and it plays a massive part in my holiday choices.

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