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A Guide to a Round the World Airfares Itinerary

Mount Taranaki, New Zealand
Mount Taranaki, New Zealand

Our Specialist Airfares team can turn any itinerary into an awe-inspiring round-the-world adventure of a lifetime. Here, Flight Centre expert, Joseph Campbell, tells us about some of the most fantastic routes from the UK.

Joe Campbell, one of our Specialist Airfare experts

Joe Campbell, one of Specialist Airfare experts

Joe Campbell, one of Specialist Airfare experts

Travelling to the other side of the planet is a bit of an undertaking – but an endeavour that promises a rewarding end goal. And, if you speak to the right person, the flight itself can open up a whole world of extra adventures. Joseph Campbell from our Specialist Airfares team is just the man. “It takes extensive training to create complex, specialist itineraries like those that our team puts together,” Joseph explains. “There’s no easy online engine for arranging a three-or-more-destination trip, at a good price, that suits your needs. We might spend half a day finding the best-value option. Fares can be cheaper than you imagine – I’ve seen round-the-world tickets for as low as £800.” Inspired? Set out on one of Joseph’s fantastic routes from the UK...

The famous Hong Kong skyline

The famous Hong Kong skyline

Airfare 1: Pacific Island Hopper


Best for: Kicking Back

“The South Pacific offers some of the best beaches in the world, and peace and solitude are your reward for the extra hours in the air.”

Hong Kong

Flights to the South Pacific islands don’t operate every day, so stopover in Southeast Asia en route for a couple of nights. In Kowloon, the options for authentic Cantonese fare are limitless, with hole-in-the-wall eateries, upmarket dining and one of the most inexpensive Michelin-starred restaurants in the world, Tim Ho Wan – you may have to queue, but its 20-plus dim sum dishes are worth the wait.


A direct flight to Fiji with Cathay Pacific means you’ll be languishing on the white sands of the Coral Coast within 12 hours of leaving Hong Kong. Decadent beaches line the coastline, so whether you choose a hostel, village homestay or luxury resort, you’ll likely be in close proximity to paradise. Off-shore, explore crystal-clear waters with pristine reefs.

New Zealand

Head over to Auckland for a stretch traversing the North Island. Travel around the vineyards and wineries, sampling their produce, from spicy and smooth Hawke’s Bay Syrah to elegant Chardonnays. The art galleries of Napier show the best of the man-made creations here, while volcanic Rotorua exposes the island’s raw, natural beauty.

French Polynesia

Spend the final part of your adventure in Tahiti and Bora Bora, where beauty transcends the physical. The rich and vibrant culture in Tahiti was inherited from ancient ancestors, and locals proudly share it with visitors through art, dance and song. In the turquoise waters of Bora Bora, bungalows sit on stilts – a luxury accommodation that’s an idyllic way to mark the end of your trip and celebrate your Journey.

Christ the Redeemer overlooks Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Christ the Redeemer overlooks Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Airfare 2: Road to Rio


Best for: Culture Vultures

 “If you’re after a flight that takes in Australia’s best cities before visiting South America, why miss out a destination like Easter Island?”

Come face-to-face with monumental moai on Easter Island

Come face-to-face with monumental moai on Easter Island


Qantas’ direct flight to Perth from London Heathrow takes more than 16 hours, but it saves precious time. Spend several days acclimatising, and hire a car to visit Margaret River's vineyards and wineries.


Spend a Saturday mooching in the Carriageworks Farmers Market, sampling wares brought here by producers and farmers from across New South Wales.


Get a taste of this bustling city over a couple of days. Find the best views atop the Sky Tower, where thrill-seekers can plunge 53 floors at 50mph on a SkyJump!


The largest of the Cook Islands, its divine scenery is beaten only by the warmth of its people. Join proud, passionate locals at Island Nights, where song, dance and food bring their history and traditions to life.


Take it easy in Tahiti

Take it easy in Tahiti


Blue lagoons, beaches and whale watching are a draw, but there’s adventure inland too. Hike through verdant valleys to waterfalls that cascade into refreshing pools.

Easter Island

LATAM Airlines only goes to this remote volcanic island once a week, so don’t miss the flight. Learn the legends of the immense moai statues over an incredible few days.


Explore Chile’s capital city, where each neighbourhood has its own unique charm. Try fresh ceviche and shake things up sipping on a Terremoto (meaning ‘earthquake’) – a cocktail of wine, grenadine and pineapple ice cream.

Rio De Janeiro

There’s no better place to end a trip. A long weekend here means time to visit iconic sights and lose yourself to lively street parties. Grab a Caipirinha and get samba-ing!

Dream big!

“Of course, nothing us set it stone," Joe says. "Dream big! Stop in Singapore for a few days before exploring Auckland and then travel on to Tahiti. Some travellers are daunted at the notion of planning something so complex, but we know the destinations and work with all manner of airlines, so we’ll find the best ticket for your needs. There’s nothing that can’t be done. We can turn a flight into a once-in-a-lifetime trip.”

It takes extensive training to create complex, specialist itineraries like these, so give Joe and the team a call, and everything will be tailor-made easy.

Written by Flight Centre UK

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