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Aerial View Vis Croatia

A Guide to Vis: Croatia's Hidden Gem

Over the past decade or so, Croatia has slowly been gaining a reputation as a hotspot for festivals and its 24-hour party scene. My first visit back in 2012 – to what was then a relatively ‘unknown’ E...
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Park Guell Barcelona

Why You Can't Miss Barcelona's Park Guell

Sun, sea, Sangria, plus history, art and culture in abundance? Not to mention the food…Who wouldn’t want to visit Barcelona?! My first visit to the city was a flying one, so when it came to visiting f...
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White Water Rafting Portugal

Exploring Portugal’s Undiscovered Central Region

“Forward paddle, paddle. Back paddle. Stop.” The rush of water began to reach its crescendo and our little yellow dinghy slipped effortlessly over the edge of the small waterfall, then forged its way ...
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Spanish Steps, Rome, Italy

How to Spend 72 Hours in Rome

We absolutely love Rome: the architecture, the history, the culture – and did we mention the food? Some of the best cuisine you'll ever taste can be found in Italy's capital. Here are our re...
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Mont Saint-Michel

13 of the Best UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Europe

UNESCO World Heritage sites are special things. Inscribed to the respected list for their outstanding cultural, historical or natural signifcance, they represent some of the most beloved landmarks on ...
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Praia do Carregam, Portugal (image: Ross Jennings)

5 of the Best Beaches in Portugal

If you’re heading to Portugal in the not too distant future then you’re already making a good choice. Fairy tale castles, sunshine all year round and a jaw-dropping coastline, not to mention that coff...
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Burgos © Dan Convey

7 Spanish Destinations You've Never Heard Of

With so many destinations becoming overcrowded, and residents taking a backlash against tourism, more and more travellers are looking for alternative destinations to visit, away from the hordes. One d...
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Lake Lugano Irina Ginghina

From Switzerland to Italy: A European Road Trip

Most people think exploring exotic places means flying long-haul, but we tend to forget that Europe is magnificent as well.  To prove the point, our Travel Expert Irina and her family took a road trip...
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Why We Love Travelling with our Mums

Travelling with a partner comes easy. Travelling with friends is fun. But travelling with your mum is special. A fleeting chance to relive your childhood and get to know more about the woman in your l...
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Trams in Lisbon

Live Like A Local in Lisbon

Last summer I headed to Lisbon, Portugal’s coastal capital, a city alive with ancient ruins, white-domed cathedrals and picturesque gardens. While many visitors come here to admire the magnificent arc...
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Where to See Polar Bears

If you’re into animals, there’s nothing quite like seeing a polar bear in the wild. Catch a glimpse of even a tiny tuft of that soft, creamy fur, and it’ll feel like you’ve stumbled upon the holy grai...
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A Lovely Planet - Hayley Lewis - Lasagne

A Foodie's Guide to Emilia Romagna, Italy

Italy is known for its delicious food. But there's one particular region that, even amongst locals, is known as the king of Italian cuisine: Emilia Romagna. Home to an incredible array of dishes ...
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