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Epic Drone Photos That Will Inspire You to Visit the Philippines

The Philippines is fast becoming one of Asia’s most popular travel destinations, as visitors are beginning to realise just how much beauty is hidden amongst the thousands of islands that make up this unbelievably scenic nation.

While you can experience much of this from ground level or from the waves as you hop from island to island, to really uncover those secret spots and to fully appreciate the jaw-dropping scenes around you, sometimes it pays to have an aerial advantage.

The Philippines might look great from below, but trust us, it looks phenomenal from the air. Here are some epic drone photos that will inspire you to visit the Philippines!

Beautiful sandbars

The Philippines is well known for its white sand beaches and unusual sandbars. These natural features are absolutely beautiful, but to get a real sense of the unique nature of a sandbar, then an aerial view is truly the best way to get perspective. This is White Island, a sandbar that shifts and changes shape with the changing currents of tides. You can visit White Island by taking a short boat ride from Camiguin Island in the southern Philippines. There is literally nothing but sand, white sand.

Rugged coastlines

With many thousands of islands, there are also thousands upon thousands of miles of scenic coastline to explore in the Philippines. In Coron, you can find countless scenes of coastline stretching to the horizon, as cliffs covered in greenery rise from the sparkling waters like an outtake from The Lost World.

Endless islands

This is Pass Island. This remote but beautiful island makes for a picture-perfect image of a tropical paradise. Pass Island is found off the coast of Busuanga. White sands, swaying palm trees and crystal clear waters await those who make the journey here by boat. The best thing is, Pass Island is just one of the many untouched and unknown islands just waiting to be discovered across the Philippines.

Beaches, beaches and more beaches

In the Philippines, it would be impossible to count the number of beaches that are waiting to be set foot on, and it would be impossible to set foot on all of them even given an entire lifetime. This is one of the greatest destinations in the world for beach lovers, and there is a beach for every occasion. Party lovers will find stretches of sand where the parties carry on all through the night, while those that prefer a bit of seclusion can easily find an isolated beach to have all to themselves.

Luxury resorts

With an ever-growing tourism industry, the standard of accommodation awaiting travellers in the Philippines is ever expanding too. Those on a budget will find plenty of ramshackle beachfront guesthouses where they can relax away on the sands, but those with an urge for luxury can experience some of Asia’s best resorts while on holiday in the Philippines. One of the most popular getaways is Bohol, where you can find infinity pools overlooking the coastline and epic beachside bars and restaurants.

Stand up paddle boarding in the Philippines

With crystal clear water to be found around many of the Philippines’ sandy beaches, and with a multitude of calm, sheltered bays and coves that are protected from the elements, this is one of the best countries in the world to learn how to Stand Up Paddle Board. It’s fast becoming a favourite pastime at many touristy locations, and there are absolutely stunning destinations such as Coron, below, where you can quickly learn the ropes in a spectacular setting.

Island hopping

The best way to get around in a country made up exclusively of islands, is of course by boat. In many of the Philippines’ best destinations, such as Coron, El Nido, and many more, you can spend days exploring the dense networks of islands, beaches and bays on boats, from simple day trips to week-long expeditions.

Fiery sunsets

With tropical islands, white sand beaches and blue waters, the only thing to match the scenic sight of Filipino landscapes, is when the sun sets in a fiery blaze in the sky. Even when it’s cloudy or rainy, the sun seems to shine through and there’s never a dull evening in the Philippines, just a blaze of glorious colours.

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Written by Richard Collett

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