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Arenal Lodge infinity pool, Costa Rica (image: Bradley Cronin)

How to Honeymoon in Costa Rica

“It’s rare to see them moving and eating like that,” said our guide Juan. We were bobbing beneath a tree in Tortuguero’s canals and staring up at a Costa Rica celebrity – a three-toed sloth – as it sl...
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Fresh oyster

The Best Foods to Eat in Costa Rica

As a self-confessed foodie, cuisine plays a key role when it comes to planning my trips. I’ll heavily research a destination’s typical food, the best restaurants, what the locals love, and the cocktai...
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Hire car, Costa Rica

How to Take a Road Trip Through Costa Rica

When I told people I was planning on driving around Costa Rica on my two-week trip, I was met with a mixture of surprise, admiration and shock. I admit I was a little nervous about the roads before we...
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7 Reasons to Visit Guatemala

Some of my fondest memories of Central America are from my time in Guatemala, a country that quickly became one of my favourites and which offers everything that Central America is known for: breathta...
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How to Experience the Best of Costa Rica in 7 Days

As soon as we crossed the border from Panama, it was clear we had entered Costa Rica. Somehow, the vegetation seemed greener, despite both countries virtually sharing the same geography. Our bus rode ...
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A Traveller's Guide to Central America

Seemingly endless jungles full of unique wildlife. Peaceful stretches of coastline with beaches in all shades of white, yellow, brown and black. Towering volcanoes, many of them still active, always v...
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