The Big Aussie Reunion: More of Your Stories

23 Oct 2014

Have you heard about The Big Aussie Reunion?



Do you have a loved one in Australia you haven't seen for years? Now's your chance to see them!

Enter your story for a chance to win one of 10 places on The Big Aussie Reunion. The prize includes return flights to Queensland for you and a friend - plus, your Aussie friend or relative will be flown up to The Gold Coast to meet you and join in some incredible activities (including a massive Australia Day event).

To help inspire you, we've selected just a few of the many amazing stories that have been entered into the competition so far. Have a read, and then head over to The Big Aussie Reunion to enter before October 31!

Note: inclusion of these entries in this blog post is not an indication of their likelihood to be shortlisted for the prize.

 I first met Hannah while studying in London and, within a few months, she became my girlfriend. We were together for over a year when Hannah made the decision to attend university in Australia and this has made maintaining our  relationship over the past 18 months quite difficult. Thankfully, we have managed to keep it going and I would love to celebrate Australia day with Hannah on the Gold Coast after months apart, especially as we are both poor students! - Adam Rankin



I haven't seen Richard and Leanne since I got engaged and it would be wonderful to fly out to celebrate with them. They always send us wonderful treats from Australia and we keep saying that we'll fly out to visit, but have yet to save up enough money for flights. Help make our dreams come true! - Ben Goodwin




Steve's my former Round Table and fishing mate and I've really missed him since he moved down under 11 years ago.  My family and I scraped enough money together to fly out so see the Holways in 2011.  As predicted, we spent most of our time out on the ocean on his boat fishing, much to the disappointment of both wives!   I begged forgiveness by cooking the most amazing fish suppers most evenings whilst the girls sat out on the verandah with a cold bottle (or two) of sauvignon blanc!  Heaven!  - Roger Hemming



Our twins have been living back on the Gold Coast for 18 months now and every single day my heart aches for them. FaceTime is great- I can see them & chat to them... but my need to hold them ,hug them and just simply love them to me can be overwhelming. There truly aren't any words to express the emptiness in both my arms and heart.....xx - Tracey Todd




I would love to be reunited with Paula as she was my Bridesmaid in 1988. We lost touch for many years as my husband was in the RAF and we were stationed overseas. She had searched for me on Facebook but I wasn't on it. I unknowingly joined and suddenly I had a friend request from Paula. It was her last try before she gave up. We had found each other! My husband and I have celebrated 26 years married this year. We haven't seen Paula for all those years! To see her again would be heaven xx - Elaine Monk



Make sure you check out The Big Aussie Reunion and tell us your story today!