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The best places in the world to spend New Year's Eve

It may be a little bit pessimistic to say that New Year’s Eve is always a bit of an anti-climax. But there’s only so much awkward Auld Lang Syne-ing with random relatives that one can take before the occasion seems to lose its sparkle. Especially if that’s what seems to happen every year…for the past 26 years. Not that I’m speaking from experience or anything.

It is time, I feel, to recapture the majesty of New Year’s Eve celebrations. And if we’re going to go big, we may as well head somewhere majestic in itself.

Here are some examples of best places you can head to and welcome in the New Year.

Hong Kong

The fireworks display and lightshow during Hong Kong’s NYE celebrations has become one of the most sought after spectacles for partygoers. Every year the show seems to get more and more electrifying…literally.

The celebrations begin at the Times Square Shopping Mall which replicates the ball drop found in the square of the same name over in New York. Then it is down to the waterfront where the celebrations become explosive. The countdown to New Year is etched in the sky with light, before the harbour blasts into life with a multimillion dollar fireworks display. The finale is mind-blowing, as a pyrotechnic dragon dances across the night sky.

Get a decent vantage point harbour side, or on a rooftop bar with your favourite cocktail.

New York

The Times Square ball drop is one of the more iconic NYE rituals found anywhere on the planet. Get yourself down that way and soak up the carnival atmosphere along with over a million other merry revellers.

Combine the ball drop with live music, celebrity specials, pyrotechnic light shows and a stunning fireworks display, and you may just have your most memorable New Year’s Eve celebration to date.


Head for the sunny NYE setting with a trip down under to Australia’s most famous city.

Sydney has become the premier destination for a New Year’s Eve bash in Australia, with the majority of the merriment taking place down at the iconic harbour.

Two of the city’s prized assets are the centre of a much praised fireworks display. Once the clock strikes midnight expect the Harbour Bridge and Opera House to be set alight by a dazzling seven-minute display that makes the harbour waters reflect even more magic than usual.


Probably one of the finest beach settings for a fun-filled New Year’s Eve bash.

The beachside clubs and bars will be in full swing throughout Oahu, with theme nights, open-air music concerts, and posh boat cruises offering original ways to party into the New Year.

Combine this with your typical eye-catching fireworks display illuminating the gorgeous beachfronts and you’ll find yourself wanting to stay all year!


Heading down to The Thames along with the majority of the city may seem like a bit of a nightmarish thought for many, but it something that any Londoner or overseas visitor has to do once in their life.

Over 250,000 cram onto the riverside, into bars, and onto boats to welcome in the New Year.

As the countdown begins and Big Ben lets out his chime, the city erupts into a ten-minute fireworks display that lights up some iconic London images, such as the London Eye and the Houses of Parliament.

If your head isn’t too sore in the morning, the party continues on New Year’s Day, with colourful floats and a parade of the Queen’s horses.


Nowhere can party quite like Rio.

Due to the midsummer heat at the end of December, most folk in Rio decide to take to the streets and beaches to welcome in the New Year, with two million alone heading to Copacabana Beach. And it is here where the epicentre of the party will be found, with live Samba music blasting out most of the evening, before an incredible midnight fireworks display. It is customary to wear white on New Year’s Eve in Rio as it is believed to bring luck for the New Year.


Add a little dose of romance to your NYE celebrations with a trip to the French capital.

In the heart of the city the Eiffel Tower acts as a centrepiece to the wild celebrations, displaying a fantastic lightshow and fireworks display.

After midnight the surrounding Champs-Elysees area comes alive with music and dancing.

Expect plenty of cheek-kissing and too much champagne!

Written by Monica

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