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Your Guide to the Best Caribbean Nations for Beaches

The Caribbean is home to the most staggeringly beautiful selection of beaches on Earth. From slithers of sand found in hidden coves to miles-long stretches of coastline, every beach has its charm. Choosing that perfect destination within the Caribbean isn’t easy. Every nation is blessed with their own selection of beachy wonders that are equally enticing, but some are undoubtedly better than others. Having just island hopped through the Eastern Caribbean for the past two months, I’ve compiled a list of the best Caribbean Nations for beaches.

One general rule to be aware of is the fact that beaches on the east coasts (facing the Atlantic); although beautiful, tend to be rugged and windy with a rough ocean. Beaches on the west coast, facing the Caribbean Ocean, have calm, clear waters with more sand (there are some exceptions!).


This popular island nation has a plethora of white sandy delights, it’s also got the added benefit of being one of the cheapest Caribbean islands to fly to! The most popular stretches of sand are Brownes Beach and Pebbles Beach, found in Carlisle Bay, both of which are easily accessible and full of white powdery sand with the odd pinky hue. Stunning, but busy! If you’re looking for something a little quieter, head to Gibbs Beach on the west coast where you’ll also be treated to some of the island’s best sunsets. For the surfers out there, Bathsheba beach on the east coast is your best choice, and the drive there is almost worth the trip itself.

Antigua & Barbuda

A dual island nation which packs a serious (rum) punch when it comes to its beaches. Barbuda, a 90 minute boat journey from Antigua, rewards you with lobster-filled crystal blue waters and sandy stretches of paradise, the best of which is undoubtably Princess Diana Beach. Antigua has one beach for every day of the year (so they say!), but you’re unlikely to visit them all so I’d recommend focussing on the less frequented spots. Antiguan beaches are plentiful, but so too are the swathes of holidaymakers, so if you’re looking to get away from it all, head to Landing Bay on the west coast or Half-moon Bay in the east.


St George’s, Grenada’s capital, is blessed with a beautiful selection of beaches in a relatively small area. From the eclectically named Pink Gin, Magazine and BBC Beaches to the world famous Grand Anse beach with its 3km of silky white sand. This sandy selection all lie within a 5-minute drive of each other on the southwest coast. If you’re really looking for something secluded, hop on a 3-hour boat ride to Grenada’s smaller island, Carriacou, for some laid-back Caribbean charm and its very aptly named Paradise Beach!

Saint Vincent and The Grenadines

Saint Vincent Island may be lacking in beaches, but its portion of the Grenadines more than makes up for it. From Mustique, the ultra exclusive private island once frequented by Princess Margaret, to Bequia and Union Island, there are beaches and blue waters galore! The benefit of visiting this multi-island nation lies in the fact that its islands are a little harder and more expensive to get to, leaving you with plenty of tourist-free spots to relax. If you can get your hands on a boat, head to the Tobago Cays for listerine-like blue waters and hidden beaches. If you’re wanting to feel truly exclusive then sail on to Palm Island and Mopion Island in the Southern Grenadines.

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Written by Ross Jennings

I travel so that I can learn but I mainly do it so that I can share. Simply put, If I can convince you to go somewhere I've been then I'm a happy man. You'll usually hear me before you see me, but if you want to get in contact before that happens, drop me a message @RossOCJennings

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