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Surprising Bangkok and Charming Chang Mai: A Photo Essay - Part 1

Flight Centre UK's very own Artworks Team Leader, Caren Johnstone, recently returned from an enchanting holiday in Thailand. In this post she talks us through her favourite snaps; from the contrasts of Bangkok to the temples of Chang Mai.

 Thailand is truly amazing, especially the contrasts, surprises and colours. The day after I arrived in Bangkok I went to the Grand Palace -  it is absolutely 'grand' and not to be missed! When taking a moment under a perfectly manicured tree, shading myself from the hot sun and humid heat, I looked up to see these Monks standing next to each other in their brightly coloured robes. In the background armed officers march past in their dark green uniform - what a contradiction!

Our next stop - and dare I say my most favourite - Chiang Mai. Here we are at the bottom of the very long stairway which leads to the temple at the top of the mountain called Wat Doi Suthep. The stairs have be painstakingly built by hand with small stones and mosaic set into the walls. It is pretty amazing! I was told that this little girl is dressed in her traditional outfit and will sit on the stairs all day (only on the weekends). The idea is that if tourists want to be photographed with her, they give a small donation which hopefully goes towards her schooling.

At the top of the temple there were more youth in traditional dress collecting money for their school. These young girls did a very elegant, feminine dance which drew large crowds.

The night markets were one of my favourite things to do in the evenings. Whilst meandering around the stalls, we had the most amazing smoothies for only 50p and ice creams to die for - for even less! The food in Thailand is a huge draw card, we ate just about everything we saw off the street side carts, from noodles to BBQ'd meat on skewers. For the more adventurous you could get squid on a stick! The delicious smell of food fills the air... stall vendors are constantly cooking something, the aroma is amazing and temps you to try all the dishes.

In the next part of this photo essay we catch up with Caren on the beach as her trip takes her to Ko Samui! Bangkok can be reached directly by flights from the UK, average flight time is 11.5 hours, and you can find our latest flight deals here. An internal flight to Chang Mai takes around 1 hour and 15 minutes and several carriers including Thai Airways and Bangkok Airways fly the route. Our consultants can tell you more when you call 0208 045 4186.

Written by Flight Centre UK

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