Suzanne Bearne

Suzanne Bearne is a freelance journalist specialising in retail, fashion, small businesses and travel. She’s also a travel blogger and can be found blogging at and tweeting at @sbearne.

How to Live Like a Local in New York

Ticked off Central Park when you first visited New York? Is the Metropolitan Museum of Art as familiar to you as the Tate Modern here in London? Have you already been dazzled by the soul-stirring vist...
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The 6 Best Fashion Trucks in the States

Move over food trucks, it’s fashion’s turn to muscle in on the mobile trend. Moving boutiques selling handmade, vintage and designer clothes and accessories have popped up across the US. We highlight ...
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Six Reasons to Take the L Train to Brooklyn

Thanks to Girls (Lena Dunham’s Hannah lives in Greenpoint) and the opening of the Barclays Center, home to the Brooklyn Nets, Brooklyn is on everybody’s radar. One time Brooklynite Suzanne Bearne shar...
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Philadelphia: You’ll fall in love with the city’s murals

Amongst couples, Suzanne Bearne sees a more romantic side to Philadelphia on the Love Letter Train Tour. They say two’s company and three’s a crowd. But how about when you’re the only singleton on you...
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