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Jayne is a latte-loving travel and lifestyle blogger who has travelled to more than 60 countries and spent the last 10 years writing about it.  She’s called London, Sydney, Melbourne and (very briefly) New York home – but don’t ask her to rank them. Often found brunching or scoping out boutique hotels – now with a mini explorer in tow.

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5 Family-Friendly Places to Spend Christmas
Christmas is a time we usually associate with staying at home. (How else will we catch the Gavin & Stacey Special?) But what if one year you wanted to shake things... Read More »
New York
A Guide to the Best Baby-Friendly Places in New York City
If you were to make a list of the best places to travel with a baby, New York City would likely not make it. The Subway and sidewalks, in particular, can be tricky to... Read More »
7 Meals to Try in Sydney
If you like to experience a destination through your stomach, then you're in for a treat in Sydney. This Australian hub city is home to one of the world's most exciting... Read More »
How to Visit the Great Barrier Reef
This article was taken from the latest issue of our travel magazine, The Experts.I  could see the green glow of envy in my friends’ eyes when I told them about my... Read More »
A Food Lover’s Tour of Brisbane
If there's one clear takeaway message about Australian cuisine, it's that shrimps on the barbecue are out and great coffee is in. Visit any given Australian town and... Read More »
Going Crazy For Cronuts In Sydney
Since the concept of a doughnut-croissant hybrid pastry was launched in 2013 by Dominique Ansel’s Bakery in New York, cronut has been the word on every... Read More »
Sydney’s Secret Swimming Spots
Since moving to Sydney last year I’ve learnt that the locals don’t tend to swim amongst the crazy waves or crowds found at most of the city’s famous beaches.... Read More »
North America
Arts and culture In Miami
When you think of Miami your mind may wander to white sand beaches, glitzy nightlife and ‘Ocean Drive’ as sung by The Lighthouse People. Take a closer look, however,... Read More »
New Zealand
Top 5 Adrenaline Activities in New Zealand
There is something about visiting the adventure sport hotspot of New Zealand that makes usually sedate travellers say ‘why not’ to leaping out of a plane and other... Read More »
A Day In The Blue Mountains National Park
It’s Australia’s most accessible wilderness; just a 90-minute drive from Sydney brings to you the Blue Mountains National Park, a staggeringly beautiful section of... Read More »
Things to do with the family in Brisbane
The city of Brisbane on Australia’s Gold Coast is often overlooked because it doesn't have big tourist-drawing sights like an Opera House or Great Barrier Reef. ... Read More »
The Stylish Side to Surfers Paradise
Stylish is not a word you often hear association with Surfers Paradise. The Gold Coast city is perhaps better known for surfers, school leaver parties (Schoolies Week)... Read More »
North America
Downtown Las Vegas - The Stylish Side of Sin City
Jayne is an award-winning travel blogger and social media specialist on a mission to blog 40 countries before turning 30. Follow her on twitter @jayneytravels.Downtown... Read More »
North America
All-American food in New York
From bagels to cheesecake, New York is famous for some super comforting food. After embarking on some mouth-watering research, travel blogger Jayne Gorman brings us her... Read More »
Shopping and street art in Melbourne
In Melbourne’s Central Business District, shops are interspersed with alleyways full of coffee-brewing cafés and colourful street art. Exploring the city’s... Read More »
Las Vegas
Budget guide to Las Vegas
Vegas is big on fun but you don’t necessarily need a big budget in order to make the most of it. If you play your cards right (excuse the pun!) Vegas can be seen on a... Read More »
Playing Pirates of The Caribbean
Read about a day of sailing through the Caribbean's picturesque Tobago Cays as travel blogger Jayne Gorman goes in search of sea turtles, deserted beaches and the pirate... Read More »
South America
Best of Buenos Aires
A high heel clacks on a cobbled street to the sound of a tango beat. Buenos Aires, to me, is a city of sensual dancing, steak and shopping. A place where Barrios... Read More »
Celebrity Spotting in Barbados
Jayne Gorman takes us on a celeb spotting tour around the gorgeous island of Barbados but who will we bump into along the way?If you were to glance at any glossy... Read More »
New York
10 Free Things To See In NYC
Even first time visitors to New York may feel like they have been before. With one of the world’s most recognisable skylines and an unforgettable backdrop from a movie... Read More »
Big Outback Adventure - Climbing King's Canyon
The winners of the Kiss 100 Big Outback Adventure competition got up close with crocs in Darwin and marvelled at their first glimpse of Uluru. Next on the agenda was a... Read More »
Airline in the Spotlight: Qatar Airways
 If all airlines were graded in stars the same way as hotels, then Qatar Airways would undoubtedly have 5 – maybe more! Qatar Airways is one of just a few... Read More »
What's on your Travel Wish List for 2012? Part 2
 Last week we shared what some of our favourite travel consultants and guest bloggers told us were on their travel wish lists for 2012. The answers were so... Read More »
What's on your Travel Wish List for 2012?
A New Year equals New Years Resolutions and for many of us travel fans that means a new list of destinations to add to our wish list. We asked a selection of our travel... Read More »
San Francisco in a day
An iconic bridge, an island prison, sour dough pizzas and a man pretending to be a bush – there is lot’s to see in San Francisco! For those short of time we attempt... Read More »
Announcing the runner ups of our G Adventures Blogging Contest
  We had an overwhelming response to our first ever blogging contest which we launched last month. There are many talented writers out there so thank you to... Read More »
Video of the week: HD Timelapse South East Asia
In the past we have featured some of our favourite timelapse videos we have stumbled across on Vimeo on this blog, including 24 Hours of Neon by Philip Bloom. This... Read More »
A rewarding trek to Everest Base Camp
 Solo traveller Jen Lowthrop has spent the last couple of months exploring and volunteering in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. During that time she completed the tough... Read More »
Airline in the spotlight: Emirates
 We know of people who will only fly to Australia on the Emirates A380. Among aviation fans flying on an A380 denotes ultimate bragging rights. With 15 A380’s in... Read More »
Best of Australia - Your tips
You may have heard us talking a lot about the Best of Australia and are wondering what it is all about. We've teamed up with  Tourism Queensland, Tourism New... Read More »
A Singapore Fling!
Singapore is not only a gateway to the beaches and jungles of South East Asia but a destination to be seen for itself. An immaculate city with welcoming people, you can... Read More »
The Kiwi Experience Experience!
 I clearly remember stepping foot on the big green bus in Auckland and thinking, “O no, I am going to be stuck on a coach with these strange people for the next... Read More »
New York
Must see in NYC
 Stepping onto Manhattan Island is like walking into a movie scene. Surrounded by iconic buildings and gazing at that famous cinematic skyline it's hard not to... Read More »
Ladies Night: Review of the Portal Hotel, Brisbane
During a recent stay at the Portal Hotel in Brisbane I was impressed by their novel idea of a ladies only floor and fell in love with their breakfast. In addition to... Read More »
Timelapse video - Dubai
We previously admired the timelapse video skills of Philip Bloom when we discovered his work of past Flash Sale destination Las Vegas. We were thrilled to discover that... Read More »
Interview with Hilary Doling - Editor in Chief of The Luxury Travel Bible
This week's travel expert has a job many of us would envy - Hilary Doling is a luxury travel guru! The Luxury Travel Bible is an online magazine for lovers of sheer... Read More »
New South Wales
The Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk, Sydney, Australia
The Flight Centre Social Media Specialist for Canada, Alicia Taggio, was lucky enough to spend 3 months living in Sydney, Australia. One of her highlights, as it is... Read More »
New South Wales
Best of New South Wales - Your Tips
When enjoying the sights, lights and sweet treats of Sydney it can be hard to tear yourself away from the stylish city. There is a lot more to New South Wales than it's... Read More »
New South Wales
Timelapse video of Vivid Sydney
 Continuing the pattern of sharing a timelapse video of our flashsale destination, today we are featuring a video by James Zhao taken during the Vivid Sydney... Read More »
Las Vegas
24 Hours of Neon: Las Vegas Video

We came across this timelapse video of Las Vegas on Vimeo and thought not only was it stunning but it could not have a more appropriate title - 24 hours of Neon.

Read More »
Flight Centre UK officially a Great Place to Work
Flight Centre UK Limited has been named one of the UK’s Best Workplaces for 2011 - ranked 22nd out of hundreds of companies that applied.What does this mean?In the... Read More »
Interview with a Mobile Lawyer on the Ultimate Train Challenge
Michael Hodson, known online as the Mobile Lawyer, decided to leave his job as an attorney in 2008 to circumnavigate the globe without ever getting on an airplane. For... Read More »
The Best Expedition in the World
You may have heard of the competition Queensland Australia ran to find a candidate for The Best Job in the World. Lucky Brit Ben Southall was the man chosen for the... Read More »
Airline in the Spotlight: Qantas
When it comes to long haul flights it's not all about the price: being confined to the same space for 24 hours the airline experience is hugely important.Qantas are... Read More »
New Zealand
Falling for New Zealand
New Zealand: a veritable playground for adventure sport enthusiasts. Zorbing, bungee, caving, sling shots, luging (if you are not sure what these are just google!) - the... Read More »
San Diego
Gastronomy in the Gas Lamp District, San Diego
When you pass underneath the retro sign welcoming you to the Gas Lamp District in San Diego you enter another world. In contrast to the huge modern Convention Centre... Read More »
Interview with Dylan Lowe on his Grand Canadian Hitchhike
Dylan Lowe, also known as the Traveling Editor, has set himself the challenge of hitchhiking across Canada, from west coast to eastern shores. Whilst undeniably a... Read More »
Interview with Sarah Tucker: Author of ‘Have baby will travel’
In the first of our interview series, Travel Experts, we speak to travel journalist and mother Sarah Tucker who shares her experience of travelling with children.Sarah... Read More »
Western Australia
Making Tracks in Australia
At Flight Centre we pride ourselves on knowing Australia, 1 in 12 people who visit Australia book with Flight Centre UK. Most of our staff are Aussie Specialists, having... Read More »
Tough decisions at Couran Cove Island Resort, Gold Coast, Australia
  Upon arrival at Couran Cove Island Resort you will be faced with a very tough decision - what to do first. The active, the lazy, the old, the... Read More »
Introducing your Flight Centre UK Blog
 Welcome travel fans to the brand new Flight Centre UK blog. If you are looking for travel inspiration, flash sales, top tips for bagging a bargain flight, awesome... Read More »