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Drawn to places that most people dismiss, I love digging out juicy stories in off-beat locations – whether that's poking around the furthermost corners of Europe, travelling overland in East Africa, or venturing beyond the malls and beaches of Dubai. I've travelled all over the world on assignment, but still haven't mastered the art of packing lightly. Tweet me @hazelplush

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7 Unique Things to Do in South Africa
Thought South Africa was just table-shaped mountains and wildlife watching? Think again. South Africa has plenty in the way of quirky/thrilling/fun activities to be had.... Read More »
8 Wild Adventures to Have in Sabah, Borneo
Love fly-and-flop holidays? Look away now. Because while Sabah’s beaches are admittedly lovely, it would be criminal to languish on a sunlounger when its epic... Read More »
Middle East
7 Reasons to Visit Dubai In Summer
Looking for things to do in Dubai in the summer? You've come to the right place.1. You'll save money on your Dubai hotel... Read More »
New York
6 Adrenaline Adventures in New York City

Forget the traditional city tour – these adventures will give you a whole new perspective on NYC, and get your heart racing too...

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New Zealand
12 Drone Photos of New Zealand That Will Make you Want to Visit Right NOW
Just when you thought New Zealand couldn’t get any more mind-bogglingly beautiful, someone flew a drone over its best bits – capturing those wind-whipped coastlines,... Read More »
12 Photos That Prove Queensland Has the Best Beaches in the World
Where to find the world’s best beaches? It’s a tough call – but these drone snaps from Tourism Australia have got us dreaming of Queensland’s sensational... Read More »
The Bluffer's Guide to Thailand's Islands
Love the idea of an island adventure in Thailand, but not sure where to start? Here’s all you need to know about Thailand’s 10 best isles – for beach lovers,... Read More »
Mythbuster: Everything You Need to Know About Group Tours
They’ll take you further than you’ve ever been, to unforgettable destinations with a bunch of like-minded people – so why do group tours sometimes get a bad (and... Read More »
7 Reasons to Get off Your Caribbean Sunlounger
It’s time to budge from the beach! There’s more to the Caribbean than swimming pools and white sands, and those who dare to embrace some soft adventure will be... Read More »
6 Things Nobody Tells You About the Bahamas
It’s just beach resorts, right? Wrong! There’s much more to a Bahamas holiday than first meets the eye. Here we list the things that noone tells you about... Read More »
Western Australia
The Most Beautiful Places in Western Australia
We never thought we’d be jealous of an Australian albatross, but dammit – those big birds get some amazing views. With sweeping white sands, jungly tangles,... Read More »
New Zealand
7 Things You Can Only Do in New Zealand
The Land of the Long White Cloud is a mystical, mysterious place, full of beautiful landscapes, outdoor adventures and the friendliest people you'll ever meet. Its'... Read More »
10 Summer Adventures for a Weekend in Finland
Fancy a really wild weekend in Europe? Whether you kayak and camp on unspoilt isles, seek the brown bears hidden deep in its forests, or just bask under its midnight... Read More »
7 of the Best Things to Do in Perth
Australia's most remote city is often overlooked for its distant location on the coast of Western Australia – but it shouldn't be! This sun-soaked spot (boasting 300+... Read More »
Abu Dhabi
7 of the Best Views in Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi is one of the world's most photogenic cities, but where best to soak up its charms? Hazel Plush ventures out in search of its finest viewpoints... Best... Read More »
Abu Dhabi
8 of the Best Places to Eat in Abu Dhabi
From leisurely breakfasts and cheap eats, to budget-busting dinners and everything in between – Hazel Plush finds an Abu Dhabi restaurant for every... Read More »
7 of the World's Craziest Zip-Lines
Hold on to your harness! Fast, long, and with utterly awesome views, these zip-lines just shot to the top of your bucket list. Terrifying or terrific? You... Read More »
Indian Ocean
How to Choose Your Maldives Island
It's a happy dilemma to be in, but choosing which Maldives island to stay on (and which resort to relax in) is a toughie. These are the questions you need to ask before... Read More »
Middle East
Things to Do When it Rains in Dubai
It only rains two or three days a year in Dubai, but if wet weather strikes on your trip it won’t be a wash-out. Hazel Plush reveals what to do...Gain some... Read More »
Insider Secrets: Sri Lanka's Most Spiritual Spots
From ornate forest temples to vertiginous cliff-top palaces, spiritualism in Sri Lanka comes with a big dose of wow-factor – starting with these divine spots.1.... Read More »
6 After-Dark Adventures in Seattle
Sleepless in Seattle? From zoo festivals to full-moon kayak tours, we reveal the city’s best night-time spots in this cosmopolitan city. Spend a few nights here before... Read More »
Insider Secrets: 7 Tips For a Sydney to Brisbane Road Trip
Hazel Plush spent two weeks driving up the Pacific Coast, from Sydney to Brisbane – one of Australia's most memorable road trips. Fancy it? Here are the sights and... Read More »
Middle East
6 of the Best Places to Eat Gold in Dubai
Gold is everywhere in Dubai: in the souks, atop skyscrapers, on sports cars – and on your dinnerplate. Feeling flush? Then it's time to eat gold in Dubai. Hazel... Read More »
Dubai's 7 Best Brunches
Every Friday afternoon, Dubai's top restaurants serve a four-hour feast of incredible food and free-flowing drinks in the city's most spectacular locations. Dubai expat... Read More »
New Zealand
New Zealand’s Secret Islands
It's not just the North and South islands, you know. New Zealand has lots of secret plots just waiting to be discovered – from far-flung volcanic spots to quaint... Read More »
5 Reasons Why Mauritius is Like Nowhere Else on Earth
Thought Mauritius was only paradise beaches and gorgeous resorts? Think again. Weird wildlife, multi-coloured mud and ridiculously strong rum – just a few of the... Read More »
Abu Dhabi
How to Spend a Weekend in Abu Dhabi
Like the pearls that were once gathered from its warm waters, Abu Dhabi is carefully-crafted, glossy, and exclusive – a mature antithesis to its boisterous neighbour... Read More »