Emma Victoria

Travel obsessed and still searching for the perfect adventure that combines hiking, scuba diving, snowboarding and exploring wilds in a campervan (though not all at the same time). I am a reluctant gluten-free cake enthusiast and can consume coffee at an impressive rate. Instagram: @evbrisdion.

The Best Sports to Try in the US

America. The land of all things large; even their love of sports is super-sized. But then again with so many awesome outdoor activities to get involved in from state to state, who can blame them? Best...
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Things to Do in Florida that aren't Disney World

Welcome to the USA's Sunshine State, where children’s theme parks and blissful weather dominate public image. Of course, both of these warrant a visit to Florida in their own right, but there’s s...
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Bali’s Best Wildlife and Where to Find it

With its stunning beaches and a regular turnover of sun-seeking and surf-chasing travellers, Bali is often best known as Indonesia’s go-to island for partying and relaxing on the beach. But aside from...
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How to Be a Bear Keeper in Cambodia

In the untamed jungles of rural Cambodia, Asia, wild sun bears and Asiatic black (moon) bears were once a common sight. But rapid loss of habitat, illegal wildlife trade and poaching for traditional m...
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Culinary Curiosities of the Caribbean

With a surplus of paradise beaches, palm-fringed islands and a blissfully relaxed way of life, the Caribbean has been known and loved as a tropical paradise by travellers all across the world for deca...
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Sunrise atop Indonesia's Most Famous Volcano: Mount Bromo

I was freezing. Not just cold, mind. Literally down to the bone, convinced that I’d never feel my legs again – that kind of cold. Which surprised me, as I was in Indonesia. It was 4am, pitch black and...
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Exploring Thailand's Wild West

When I left for Asia, backpack and boyfriend in tow, I was determined to see more of Thailand than the well-travelled routes. I would visit them too of course, I didn’t want to miss any of the attract...
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Beneath the Waves in the Bahamas

If the paradise beaches, jovial locals and free-flowing rum culture weren’t enough to tempt you to the tropical beaches of the Bahamas, then a peek into the effervescent world beneath the waves will s...
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48 Hours in Chiang Mai

Well on its way to becoming as popular as the islands, Chiang Mai is Thailand's perfect chill-out stop for travellers looking to escape the chaos of Bangkok. With colourful markets brimming with ...
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