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When Elle is not travelling, she's blogging about it over at A Bird in the Hand Travel. She believes that you don't have to look like a backpacker to travel, and writes about the stylish side of wanderlust, from stylish destinations to packing tips.

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Where to Travel for a Winter Olympics Experience
With Beijing's 2022 Winter Olympics launching this week, the sporting festivities are beginning once again – and we couldn't be more excited! You don’t need to... Read More »
How to Pack Like a Pro
Surely there’s an easier way to get from A to B without your luggage resembling a bring-and-buy sale when you get there? There is! We’ve got 15 clever ideas to help... Read More »
North America
Top Places to Visit in Canada
The second largest country in the world is bound to have a lot to offer visitors, and the 16 million tourists travelling to the USA’s northern neighbour each year are... Read More »
The most romantic destinations in the world

Looking to inject some romance into your travel plans this year? Here we explore the most loved-up destinations on the planet...

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Top Experiences in South Africa
South Africa is a vast and beautiful country with contrasting landscapes, an incredible culinary scene, world-class beaches and some of the most fascinating wildlife in... Read More »
Best Road Trips in Victoria, Australia
If you love the idea of road tripping in Australia consider making the state of Victoria your starting point for a driving holiday Down Under. From the culture-packed... Read More »
Where the Locals Go in Vancouver
Experiencing a destination like a local, isn’t that what we all aim for when we travel to somewhere new? There’s something about scratching beneath the surface of a... Read More »
San Francisco
Why San Francisco is the new New York
Think of a city break destination in the USA, and chances are your mind will immediately take you to the bustling metropolis of New York. The Big Apple, where you’ll... Read More »
6 Reasons to Visit Australia in Winter
As an Australian, I used to be totally acclimatised to the weather Down Under. When winter hit you’d see me bundled in scarves and jackets complaining about the... Read More »
The Rise of Fitness Travel
You've probably seen it in your Facebook news feed: exultant photos of friends waving medals towards the camera, grinning with achievement in the foreign sunshine. Half... Read More »
Dos and Don'ts of Visiting South Africa
South Africans are incredibly proud of their country, and for good reason. Of course, once you arrive they’ll have some tips for you to stay safe, but they’re not... Read More »
Best destinations to help you achieve your 2015 New Year’s Resolutions
Another new year, another list of resolutions. What does your list look like this year? If it’s anything like the average Brit’s it’ll feature a few goals around... Read More »
Our favourite destinations for 2015
Remember our favourite destinations for 2014? We still love those cities, but of course, 2015 will bring a brand new year of travel and even more favourites to add to... Read More »
San Francisco
The icons of San Francisco
San Francisco is one of the most iconic cities in the USA, but what does it have to offer visitors, apart from a rather pretty red bridge?This infamous city will keep... Read More »
17 reasons why you should visit South Africa
South Africa is one of those countries that is, for now, relatively unknown as a tourist destination. The World Cup in 2010 served as its international début and since... Read More »
Competition: The Big Aussie Reunion
Win a trip to Queensland, Australia and be reunited with a loved one!Are you missing a childhood friend? Maybe a relative that made the big move Down Under? Or maybe... Read More »
The Best History Museums in Sydney
Sydney has more museums than most cities, and somewhat frustratingly most of them are worth going to, which makes choosing the right one a tricky decision. However, if... Read More »
Hidden Gems of Singapore
Although Singapore is a well known for stopovers on the way to Australia or New Zealand, rarely is it spoken of as a destination in itself. It's a shame that so few... Read More »
Australia: the Greatest Restaurant on Earth

The following extract is taken from Flight Centre magazine The Experts, with words by Lauren Jarvis and photos as credited.

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Visiting the World's Top Landmarks
Do you have your bucket list written? Get a pen handy, because you'll want to add some destinations to that list today. When TripAdvisor recently released their 2014... Read More »
New Zealand
Why you need to visit Christchurch, New!
New Zealand is a destination deserving of at least a couple of weeks' exploration. Even if you're visiting friends and family, it would be a shame to travel across the... Read More »
Top 5 USA Road Trips
The words 'road trip' and 'USA' seem to go hand-in-hand, with so many miles of the huge country to discover and wide, long roads to explore from. We've rounded up the... Read More »
You're Invited: USA Twitter Chat
Iconic road trips, vibrant cities, incredible beaches and the great outdoors...The USA is a huge country with so much to see and do that it can be overwhelming to try... Read More »
Expert's Guide to: Australia's Red Centre
Here at Flight Centre we call ourselves experts for a reason. Our consultants and head office staff are all well travelled, and one of the perks of working for us means... Read More »
5 Father's Day Gift Ideas for the Travelling Dad
Is June 15 in your diary yet?If not, make a note that it's Father's Day - a day to appreciate our dads, to celebrate them, spoil them, or just give them a call to say... Read More »
Your Top Ten Travel Tips
Although it's true that anyone can travel, travelling well is something of an art form. There are so many little things that can make your travelling experience so much... Read More »
Adelaide: A Foodie's Paradise
Travel writer Kirsty Stuart gives us the scoop on the best places to eat in the South Australian capital.If you love good food and wine and are planning a trip to... Read More »
5 Tips For Making the Most of Your Summer Holiday
Now that summer is starting to feel like more than just a distant dream, it's time to begin planning the one thing that kept us going through the cold, dark winter, long... Read More »
Highlights of Florida
Nicknamed ‘The Sunshine State’ for good reason, Florida boasts sunshine almost every day of the year. There is rain, too, but it’s warm, tropical rain. The kind... Read More »
Best city break destinations
The city break: an exciting getaway that doesn’t demand a chunk of your precious holiday time, and that allows you to explore somewhere new in just a few days. City... Read More »
North America
Stopover guide: Miami
The following extract is taken from Flight Centre magazine The Experts, with words by David Whitley and photos as credited.Find glamour with a tropical spin on a... Read More »
Destination: Uluru, Australia
The following extract is taken from Flight Centre magazine The Experts, with words by Steven Short and photos as credited.The North boasts a majestic, untouched... Read More »
Destination: Sydney, Australia
The following extract is taken from Flight Centre magazine The Experts, with words by Steven Short and photos as credited. Bustling Sydney’s got the lot – iconic... Read More »
Los Angeles
Top reasons to visit Santa Monica
Flying into Los Angeles doesn't mean your holiday must involve heavy traffic, crowds of tourists and a frantically fast pace. Just 13km from L.A.X. Airport lies Santa... Read More »
Easter holiday wish list
Have you booked a getaway for Easter yet? With the year’s only four day bank holiday fast approaching, we’ve started dreaming about an Easter break in destinations... Read More »
Los Angeles
Best short breaks from Los Angeles
Los Angeles offers visitors so many experiences and sights: the infamous Hollywood sign, the walk of fame, Santa Monica beach, Beverley well as some of the... Read More »
Films that make you want to travel
There’s nothing quite like a film to whisk us away into another world, another place or another time. For travel lovers, a beautiful scene or an entire movie set in a... Read More »
Where to Travel in the Year of the Horse
Happy Chinese New Year (or as it’s called in China Spring Festival or Lunar New Year)! Officially beginning today, this year is represented by the horse, one of the 12... Read More »
A Visitor’s Guide to Australian Animals
Australia is a land with plenty of sights and experiences to offer visitors: endless, pristine beaches; wild and untouched nature; exceptional architecture; the... Read More »
How to Beat the January blues
January is a tough month; Christmas is over, our willpower is being tested by those New Year’s resolutions and the weather is, well, terrible. The good news is that... Read More »
Experiences to try in 2014
Travel is about so much more than just the destination. T.S. Eliot was famously quoted as saying “The journey not the arrival matters.”We quite like the arrival... Read More »
Essential travel apps for every journey
As technology has evolved over the past ten years or so, the way in which we travel has too. Remember paper airline tickets? Although they may seem like they belong in a... Read More »
Our favourite destinations for 2014
Happy New Year!We asked you on Facebook if you’ve ever celebrated abroad, and it was no surprise to see that Flight Centre fans are a well-travelled lot, with loads of... Read More »