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Anthony contributes news and blog stories from around the world. He loves travel, especially visiting new places and experiencing new cultures.

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Middle East
Experience Flying an Emirates A380 in Dubai
  On your next trip to Dubai, why not take a visit to the Dubai Mall and relax by piloting one of the largest passenger aircraft, the A380? That experience is... Read More »
5 Hidden Gems in Australia
The most popular city destinations in Australia certainly attract the majority of the tourism. The fifth biggest country in the world has 5 large cities that comprise... Read More »
How to Take a Travel Photo Like a Pro

This article is being shared from the Flight Centre 'Experts' magazine.

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New Zealand
7 of the Best Hotels in New Zealand
New Zealand is an area of abundant natural beauty and a long time favourite destination for Flight Centre customers. So there is no wonder that 3 Kiwi cities were... Read More »
10 Top Tips for Taking the Perfect Landscape Shot
Make sure you don’t miss any of those amazing holiday moments with these handy hints from Panasonic photography expert Mark Baber, on capturing the best possible... Read More »
New Zealand
5 Must Visit Areas for any Trip to New Zealand
New Zealand is a country that is remarkably geographically diverse. One third of its land is protected, with a lush landscape of sweeping coastline and beaches, ancient... Read More »
11 Reasons Why You Should go to the Gold Coast for the Commonwealth Games 2018
So the dust has just about settled and the 2014 Commonwealth Games have come to a close. Like the Olympics, the Commonwealth Games have been revered as showcasing the... Read More »
Things to do with One Day in Paris

One Day in Paris

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5 Top Things to do in Bangkok
Top Things to do in BangkokEven if you're short on time and only stopping by this vibrant capital city for a day, that doesn’t mean you can’t sample a flavour of... Read More »
Middle East
5 Amazing Things to do in Dubai
5 Amazing Things to do in Dubai Dubai can be a daunting place to spend time in, but don’t lose your head, because behind its gleaming facade of glass-fronted... Read More »
New Zealand
6 Day Trips from Auckland to Get you Out of the City
If you're keen on holidaying in New Zealand then you should check out our Tourism New Zealand promotion for fantastic offers.If you’re travelling to New Zealand... Read More »
New Ride at Six Flags - Fastest and Tallest Roller Coaster in the World!
Take a look at the video below and let us know what you think. Six Flags adventure park has always had a reputation of producing monumental roller-coasters and this one... Read More »
Where to Get The Best View of Sydney
This post is by Beverley from Pack Your Passport. Where to get the best view of Sydney There are a few things Sydney’s known for; stunning beaches, a beautiful... Read More »
New York
Meet Long Island City; New York's Coolest 'Hood

This is a guest contributed post from Suzanne Bearne about one of New York's coolest neighbourhoods - follow her on twitter @sbearne

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New Zealand
Controversial Air New Zealand Safety Video Features Sports Illustrated Models

But what do you think about Air New Zealand's latest safety video? Do you think it is an appropriate way to capture attention and convey an important message?

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Middle East
Jordan & Israel Travel Review | Consultant Travel Experiences
The consultants here at Flight Centre have the kind of passion for travel that you would expect from an international travel consultant and there is nothing that we love... Read More »
North America
77 Simply Breathtaking Images of the United States of America...
When you're one of the largest countries in the world, you tend to have a pretty diverse landscape and nowhere in the world is this truer than in the United States of... Read More »
South America
13 World Cup travel facts you probably didn't know...
So it is the Monday after the Saturday that was England's first game against Italy at the World Cup in Brazil. I finished watching the game feeling disappointed but not... Read More »
Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal... What is the Best City to Visit in Canada?
Being British, I think I often find that Canada is frequently overshadowed and brushed aside by the media dominance of the United States. This can sometimes lead to a... Read More »
5 Great Tourist Experiences in the Northern Territory
Did you know that almost half of visitors to Australia from the United Kingdom are visiting friends and family? And did you know that on those trips, tourists from the... Read More »