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Born with a severe case of itchy feet, I’ve tried to appease my perpetual wanderlust by selling high-end safaris, dabbling in guidebook writing and more recently travel writing and blogging, but to no avail. A life-long lover of the great outdoors, I’m at my happiest when hiking up a mountain, or skiing down one.

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11 Things I Ate in Greece
Before my first visit to Greece, my knowledge of Greek food consisted entirely of taramasalata. No, not the light, white, salty kind they serve in seaside cafés in... Read More »
The World’s Best Pancakes
It’s that time of year again: the last Tuesday before Lent, Shrove Tuesday, aka, Pancake Day. All across the country, families will be whipping up batches of pancakes... Read More »
Greece: Beyond the Beaches
Think of Greece and what do you see? Perfect white sands, gloriously pink Aegean sunsets and lazy days spent poolside with an iced cocktail? It’s true, Greece does... Read More »
Indian Ocean
Paradise Found: A Guide to the Best of the Seychelles
Rising from the warm blue waters of the Indian Ocean, almost 1,000 miles east of Africa, the Seychelles is a collection of 115 unspoiled jungle-clad islets, some little... Read More »
8 Things to Do in Porto, Portugal
Recently, I tacked some time in Porto, set along the River Douro, to the end of a road trip across northern Spain. Keen to end the trip on a high, I chose... Read More »
9 Fun Facts about the Great Barrier Reef
Famous the world over for its colourful corals and fascinating fishes, the Great Barrier Reef sits high on the travel must-sees list. Together with Sydney and Uluru, it... Read More »
7 Things to Do Along Montenegro’s Coast
Let’s be honest: not a lot of people know an awful lot about Montenegro. Also referred to as Crna Gora, which translates as Black Mountain, Montenegro sits quietly on... Read More »
New Zealand
6 Things to Know Before Campervanning Around New Zealand
Wide-open landscapes, spectacular drives and endless mountains, coupled with a wide choice of campsites and some beautiful wild camping spots, make New Zealand the... Read More »
10 Things to Do When it Rains in Singapore
With an annual precipitation of around 2,340mm, the chances of getting caught in a shower are high in Singapore. In fact, rain falls almost one day in every two... Read More »
Things to Do on Queensland’s Fraser Island
On a trip along Queensland’s Nature Coast, fellow travellers had repeatedly told me about one particular spot that I simply had to visit. They spoke of a mystical... Read More »
Galapagos Islands
Top Things to See in the Galapagos Islands
For the ultimate wildlife adventure, a cruise on the turquoise waters of the Galapagos Islands is hard to beat. Found 563 miles west of Ecuador, the archipelago is made... Read More »
The Best Places in the World to See Wild Dolphins
Everyone loves dolphins. Their friendly smiles and playful nature fast-tracks them right to the top of many a must-see wildlife bucket list, with dolphin-watching tours... Read More »
How to Reduce your Plastic Use when Travelling
Plastic is everywhere at the moment, from your cellophane-wrapped lunchtime sandwich to your single-use drinks bottle. And now it’s all over the news as well.Plastic... Read More »
10 Alternatives to Safari in South Africa
South Africa is well known for its diverse wildlife. Animal enthusiasts from all over the globe jet in to Kruger National Park, armed with monstrously sized cameras,... Read More »
8 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Going to Laos
When I announced my intention to visit Southeast Asia, my friends asked me heaps of questions. Which beaches are you staying at? Are you going to Angkor Wat? How long... Read More »
The Best Hotel Room Views in the World
There’s nothing better than waking up on your holidays, a day of excitement ahead, opening the curtains and feasting your eyes on a glorious view of your surroundings.... Read More »
The Travel Secrets of Vietnam
Think you know Vietnam? Think again. Angela Griffin uncovers the country’s most worthwhile attractions you’ve never heard... Read More »
7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Mallorca in Winter
Mallorca in winter? "Why would I want to do that?" I hear you cry, "isn't it cold?" Well, perhaps a tad, but the weather's still glorious. Plus, the roads... Read More »
Flight Centre’s Top 10 Blog Posts 2018
Yup, it’s that time of year again. Time to look back at our favourite blog posts of the year to see what has got you travel-obsessed lot clicking in 2018. Here are our... Read More »
7 Reasons Why Northern Spain Should be on your Travel Must-see List
When I announced I was heading to Spain for my summer holidays, most of my friends assumed I meant southern Spain, for the beaches, or perhaps Madrid or Barcelona. But... Read More »
10 Christmas Traditions from Around the World
Not long 'til Christmas now, and you'll soon be enjoying your mince pies and mulled wine while feeling suitably stuffed from far too much turkey. But as you set... Read More »
A Guide to Airline Frequent Flyer Schemes
If you fly a lot, then you’ll have heard of airline frequent flyer schemes. These loyalty programmes encourage you to book with the same airline time and time... Read More »
6 Reasons Why You Should Spend Christmas Abroad
When it comes to the idea of spending Christmas abroad, most people fall into one of two camps. The first is those who can’t think of anything worse – surely... Read More »
10 of the World’s Most Beautiful Live Music Venues
Catching your favourite band or singer live is something everyone should do at least once in their lifetime, with the experience easily elevated further into greatness... Read More »
50 Ultimate Travel Bucket List Ideas
Looking for bucket list inspiration? Look no further. We asked Flight Centre’s most knowledgeable Destination Experts to give us the lowdown on their favourite travel... Read More »
New York
Hot in the City: Summer in New York
Emerging from the subway into bright sunlight, I checked my phone to see what the temperature was. 34°C. And that was at street level. Down in the subway, it must have... Read More »
A Walk Down Washington DC’s National Mall
A fusion of history and heritage, of contemporary and cool – Washington DC is where the business of America happens. The US capital is peppered with major landmarks,... Read More »
Kruger National Park
How to Safari in South Africa with 'As Seen from the Sidecar'
Matt Bishop and Reece Gilkes are two former Flight Centre Travel Experts attempting to complete the first ever circumnavigation of the globe in a scooter with a... Read More »
Flight Centre Interview: An Epic Worldwide Charity Challenge
In October 2017, former Flight Centre Travel Experts Reece Gilkes and Matt Bishop set off on the first ever circumnavigation of the globe on a scooter with a sidecar.... Read More »
A Beginner's Guide to the World's Best Wines
The world of wine can be an overwhelming one, but you don't need to be a connoisseur to appreciate the different varietals on a wine-tasting holiday. In fact,... Read More »
The World’s Best Festivals
Attending a festival is a great way to truly immerse yourself in the culture of a place. Essentially one giant party, a ritual or perhaps an honouring of a tradition,... Read More »
Flight Centre’s Most Popular Blog Posts of 2017
As the year draws to a close, we’ve looked back at Flight Centre’s favourite blog posts from the last 12 months to see what got you travel-obsessed lot clicking this... Read More »
Where to Go in 2018
Once the dust has settled on the Champagne and fireworks, new year can be a gloomy time. It’s cold, it’s continuously dark, and spring feels like a million miles... Read More »
A First-Timer’s Guide to St Petersburg
In mid-October, just before the icy winds of winter approached and temperatures plummeted, I spent a weekend in St Petersburg, Russia’s second largest city after its... Read More »
9 of the Best American Road Trips
What is it about a US road trip that makes it so appealing? Perhaps it’s the excitement of the open road, the freedom of the freeway, the ability to stop as and when... Read More »
Exploring Santorini’s Lesser-Known Islands by Tall Ship
Think of a paradisical Greek holiday in Santorini and what do you see? Cobalt-domed churches? Hillsides of whitewashed villas? Turquoise plunge pools backed by... Read More »
10 Things I Ate in Canada
Canada is perhaps not the first country that springs to mind when you think of culinary excellence, but it should be. On a recent trip to Ontario, I gorged on... Read More »
Tried & Tested: the Best of Hawaii’s Eateries
Our Expert Jackie Brown-Yurkin, Flight Centre’s Hawaii Product Manager, knows a thing or two about eating in Hawaii. So when we asked her for her top recommendations... Read More »
12 Striking Examples of Islamic Architecture that You Should See
Islamic architecture, with its vibrant colours and ornate arches, has given us some of the world’s most striking buildings. While the majority are mosques, you’ll... Read More »
My Day in Aarhus, European Capital of Culture 2017
When Aarhus was named European Capital of Culture for 2017, even the most travel-obsessed among us were a little baffled. Where on earth was it? And what exactly can you... Read More »
15 Things I Learned When I Hiked to Everest Base Camp
To maximise our chances of reaching Everest Base Camp in one piece, my husband and I did plenty of research before we’d even set foot in Nepal. But no amount of... Read More »
Wild Card: 9 Days in Eastern Canada
For first-time visitors to Toronto, the city may look oddly familiar. This might be because it often plays body double for New York and other big cities in Hollywood... Read More »
A First-Timer's Guide to Istanbul
Straddling Europe and Asia across the Bosphorus Strait, Istanbul’s mish-mash of cultures is unique among the world’s cities. Here, in the midst of the shiny hotels... Read More »
A First-Timer’s Guide to Copenhagen
On one of those wonderful blue-sky autumn days when the air is chilled but the sun is bright, I arrived in Copenhagen with visions of Danish pastries and Lego dancing in... Read More »
Just Back From: Hawaii
We caught up with Flight Centre’s Erica Davis who’s just returned from an action-packed trip to Hawaii, to find out more about her experiences in the Aloha... Read More »
10 Reasons to Visit Ontario (That Aren’t Niagara Falls)
When I told my friends and family I was going to Canada, they invariably assumed I meant the west coast. Ontario just wasn’t on their radar. “So it’s got Niagara,... Read More »
In Search of Algonquin’s Elusive Moose
Deep in the heart of Ontario lies Algonquin Provincial Park, the oldest and largest provincial park in the state. This quintessentially Canadian landscape is made up of... Read More »
Sailing Vietnam’s Halong Bay
The sweat trickled down my back as my heart beat faster. I could feel a dozen pairs of eyes boring into me, watching me; waiting. ‘It’s not even that high up,’ I... Read More »
New Zealand
Milford & Doubtful: The Best Ways to See New Zealand’s Sounds
Tucked away in the folds of the western coastline of New Zealand’s South Island lie the 14 sounds of Fiordland National Park. While each inlet, a large firth of calm... Read More »
11 Things to Know Before You Go to Tasmania
Mix together Australia’s best bits: the rugged coastline, the pretty beaches, the English-style countryside, a smattering of history and a big dose of wildlife, and... Read More »
The Best Diving Spots in Southeast Asia
Beneath the turquoise waters and glittering waves of Southeast Asia’s oceans lies an otherworldly ecosystem teeming with kaleidoscopic fish and technicolour corals,... Read More »
Ultimate Honeymoon Hideaways
Looking for the ultimate beach-side honeymoon? Look no further – here are our top suggestions for a relaxing and peaceful stay in the world’s most beautiful beach... Read More »